VALDOSTA -- Lowndes didn't need Corvettes to speed around the stadium during its homecoming game Friday, as the Vikings' football team drove around, over and through Meadowcreek.

The Vikings routed the Mustangs 57-6 in front of a spirited homecoming crowd.

"It was a good win," coach Randy McPherson said. "I'm proud of the kids. They did a good job."

Lowndes came out revving its engine as it drove 61 yards, converting four first downs on its way to the Vikings' first score of the night.

Devaris Leonard got the call for the first score, pounding in a 6-yard touchdown.

With 2004's leading rusher, Lynn Williams dressed in shorts due to a high ankle sprain, the Vikings' running attack didn't skip a beat.

Lowndes rushed for 423 yards on 44 carries with Perry leading the way.

The sophomore had 12 carries for 158 yards, all in the first half.

Perry scored the Vikings' last two touchdowns in the half, scampering for five yards and driving down the field on a 59-yard touchdown run.

"He's a good running back," McPherson said. "He's strong and fast."

With Stanley Dickson scoring two more touchdowns in the half before Kurtis Schmidt put in a 43-yard field goal, the Vikings had a 36-0 lead at the break.

While the scoreboard showed five Lowndes touchdowns before the band took the field, the Vikings moved the ball past the pylons three more times.

In the first quarter, starting from the Meadowcreek 8-yard line, Jarroid Johnson scored on an 8-yard run. However, the Vikings were called for an illegal block penalty and lost 10 yards and had to move back to the 15-yard line.

From the Mustangs' 15, Perry tucked the ball under his right arm and ran into the endzone, but once again was brought back due to an illegal block penalty.

The third time would not be the charm. Perry once again scored, this time from the 21-yard line, but similar to the two previous times, the Vikings were penalized for an illegal block.

On the fourth try, Stanley Dickson put the ball in the endzone and it did not come back out.

The Vikings committed 12 penalties, getting pushed back 85 yards by the referees.

With all the scoring and teasing-scores on penalties, the biggest cheer of the half came on a kickoff return.

After Lowndes' kickoff team was penalized 5 yards for being offsides, Meadowcreek ran the ball back on kickoff to the Vikings' 40-yard line.

Kicker Kurtis Schmidt stood his ground and saved a touchdown, bringing down the Mustangs' return man.

The second half started out with a bang and a gasp when multiple Lowndes defenders charged to C.J. Hach of Meadowcreek.

J.C. Copeland led the charge, along with Antonio Townsend, smashing into Hach, whose helmet popped up and flew seven feet off his head straight into the air.

After fans and players watched hopefully, Hach walked off the field on his own power.

"His look was kind of glazed," Meadowcreek coach Reggie Perry said after the game.

Hach was checked out after the game and his status was unknown.

After opening the 2005 season with a four-game homestand, Lowndes will leave the confines of Martin Stadium after defeating its opponents a total of 188-18.

The Class AAAAA No. 1 ranked Vikings will travel to Waycross to face Class AAAA No. 5 ranked Ware County on Friday.

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