VALDOSTA -- Vikings' fans didn't exactly flood the Lowndes High coaches show Wednesday night at the Pizza Hut on West Hill Avenue. Apparently they're waiting for Friday.

However, you can be sure the Vikings' faithful will come in droves Friday night for the Winnersville Classic at Martin Stadium against Valdosta.

Lowndes head coach Randy McPherson and running backs coach Steve Langford talked about Friday night's game with Valdosta at the West Hill Avenue Pizza Hut Wednesday night with Wes James, host of the show.

"The kids are fired up and I really think for the most part they're ready to get the game on," McPherson said during the radio broadcast. "You get the feeling from the kids of 'let's play, let's play.' It's a big game. There's a lot of excitement and interest in this ballgame."

About 10 Lowndes' fans made the trip out to the coaches show, while most stayed home getting their grills ready for Friday's pregame tailgating festivities.

"They'll be there early," Langford said.

Langford, who coached at Madison High for 17 years before coming to Lowndes with McPherson, also teaches Driver's Education classes at the high school and will be in charge of clearing the driving range outside the stadium early.

"I've already been told to have the range clear," Langford said. "That's the exciting part about it. It's good for the fans. Some people say it puts more stress on the coaches, but really it doesn't. The kids are going to determine the outcome of the game and it doesn't matter how many people park. It's just going to give us the extra advantage having all our people on our side in the good 'ole 'Concrete Palace.' "

Lowndes lost its three-game winning streak over Valdosta last year at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium in McPherson's initiation to the Winnersville Classic. This year, both he and Langford agree that there's a different feeling heading into the game.

"I'm a little bit more comfortable with my job and with the kids," McPherson said. "The first year was a good year, but we were installing things and learning things. The assistant coaches were still learning me. Now everybody seems to be a lot more comfortable with each other."

WVGA-FM (Kicks 106) will be sponsoring a tailgate party at Martin Stadium from 6-8 p.m. Friday prior to the game. Free hamburgers, hot dogs and Pepsi will be given away as well as a Roadmaster grill.

"They'll be a lot of folks there," McPherson said. "They'll be a lot of noise and it's going to be an exciting time."

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