HAHIRA—This week we highlight not just one player but an entire family, the Kimbro brothers that play for the Valwood Valiants.

All three brothers have a love for the game of football and it shows every time they step onto the field.

Wright, oldest of the brothers, is a senior this year leading, the charge on the offensive and defensive lines for the Valiants.  

Wright is coming off a strong junior season that saw him finish with 45 total tackles and significant contribution on the way to the team’s state runner-up finish. 

Wright is the heart of the Valiants, with his passion that he brings to the field, not only for  himself but for the entire team.

His competitive spirit burns supremely bright and knows no end.  A trait that runs through the entire family.

Worth is the next oldest and bridges the gap for the three brothers. His off-the-field demeanor comes across as being more calm and laid back, but once the lights come one, his intensity is amplified.

The sophomore has started on both the offensive and defensive lines and even finds himself splitting time with older brother Wright on some occasions. 

Whether its on the field, in the weight room comparing squat maxes or at the dinner table, these two love pushing each other and competing at a high level. 

Even though as a freshman Worth saw limited time, he managed to make several big plays including a sack late in the state semifinal game against Pinewood.  

Finally, the youngest of the three Kimbro boys, Gatlin. 

Gatlin is also a sophomore this year and stars for the Valiants at wide receiver, cornerback and also as the starting kicker and punter. 

 As a freshman, Gatlin was able to use his versatility to make his way onto the field in many different roles.  Able to start several games at wide receiver and as the starting kicker he became what most people would call the Swiss Army knife of the Valiants. He is a big play threat every time he touches the ball.

 As a freshman, Gatlin had two game-winning field goals and caught a late touchdown with four minutes left in the Creekside game and then kicked the extra point to tie.

He also led the GISA in three of four kicking categories. Now as a sophomore, Gatlin is third on the team in tackles, third on the team in receiving yards and second in total points scored early in this 2020 season and poised to do even more.

These last two years have seen three Kimbro brothers on the field many times together. Gatlin and Worth have played their entire lives on the same team. 

The Boys and Girls Club of Valdosta and TitleTown Titans Pop Warner team gave all three of the Kimbro boys their first taste of football and it has only grown from there. 

 In their first season playing all together, they were able to make a run to the state championship game for the Valiants.

Their parents, Wright and Stephanie Kimbro, have raised them with lots of love and also with the understanding of working hard to reach your goals and supporting each other on and off the field.  As the older brother, Wright has worked to set the good example for his two younger brothers and pave the way for them to be even better and more successful on the football field, with both Gatlin and Worth having the goal of playing college football when they graduate.

You can clearly see how they constantly compete and push each other, even sitting down at the kitchen table they playfully go at each other like everything is on the line.

Even with Wright going to college after this year, the Valiants are in great hands with Gatlin and Worth having two more years to lead the charge.

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