DASHER—Would Alabama be national champions in 2018 if not for a quarterback change from Jalen Hurts to Tua Tagovailoa? Maybe, maybe not.

What we do know is that head football coach of the Crimson Tide, Nick Saban, made a change at halftime of that game and as a result, his team won. 

Georgia Christian head coach, Chuck Knapp, is looking to hone his inner Saban.

Last Friday at Central Fellowship, the Generals dropped their fourth game of the season. During the game, Knapp made a quarterback switch to see how things would turn out.

In stepped junior, Mason Finney. Some may remember Finney for stepping in at quarterback last fall when starter, Seth Copeland, went down with an injury.

Unfortunately for Copeland, he is down yet again with an injury. This time, he is likely out for the season. 

While Knapp inserted Finney into the game, he did not anticipate a comeback late in the game, but he wanted to get a chance at a different look.

After some thinking and moving some pieces around, Knapp has decided to name Finney as his quarterback this week, with senior Garrett Dowdy moving to the Z position, but he could still see time at quarterback.

“Mason is a guy that came in last year for us,” Knapp said. “Seth went down with an injury and we had to call Mason up to start. He actually won us our first game. We have seen a huge leap from Mason from last year to this year. He’s just a different kid. His maturation process has developed quickly. He played a lot last year and that got him plenty of experience. He has more confidence this year.”

Confidence will certainly be key this Friday. The Generals look to end the four-game skid and get their first win on a very important night, Senior Night.

Although the Generals had another rough outing last week, Knapp said he saw some good things on film from the offensive line; some things that they could build upon.

“I think the offensive line did a solid job,” Knapp said. “They were able to pass protect fairly well. We’ll certainly need that this week.”

Due to facing a first-year school in Zarephath Academy, the Generals are unable to learn much about them. The Eagles currently do not have any film to offer. 

Knapp and the Generals have to go out and play their best game, according to their talents and abilities. 

“We don’t have any film on these guys,” Knapp said. “The team was sort of confused by it, but that is just an opportunity to go out and play our game, our way. We will certainly throw the ball more than we have this season. The wideouts have been excited to be able to get vertical.”

Those wideouts are excited because Finney, the six-foot-four athlete, has a cannon for an arm. 

On the sidelines, Finney was warming up by tossing fifty-yard passes while standing flat-footed with little to no effort.

While Knapp in no way is okay with losing this season, he knows that it’s all a part of a bigger plan and for a bigger purpose.

“Nobody likes to lose,” Knapp said. “We’re in the building phase. We are learning valuable lessons in these games, and that goes for all of us. Players and coaches included. We are in the midst of this growing phase. I know it will click and then we’ll be fine.”

“We’re just glad to finally have a home game,” he continued. “I know that hasn’t been good for us either. Four straight away games. It’s senior night, so we’ll be able to honor all of these young men. That will bring the morale up. We won’t have to travel. We’ll be at home in front of family and friends. I think that will help us a lot.”

The keys to winning this game, will be which team can get more physical and good quarterback play.

“We have to play more physical this week,” Knapp said. “We have to hit all game long. We have to play hard in the trenches to win this game this week. I want Finney to go out there and play free. That is what I expect of all of my quarterbacks. I want them to go play with confidence; go out and sling it. I want them to be able to give the wideouts a chance in the game, every game. I feel like Finney will be able to go out and do that for us.”

The six-foot-four, former Lowndes Viking certainly has his work cut out for him. Last week he was the starting right tackle. Less than a week later, he will be the starting signal caller.

It should be an interesting week in Dasher.

This Friday the Generals (0-4) will take on Zarephath Academy of Jacksonville (1-4), for their first home game. Senior night kickoff is set for 7:30pm

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