VALDOSTA -- Some new college graduates celebrate their achievement with family or friends.

Jonathan Wiezorek will celebrate Saturday by trying to regain a world title.

Wiezorek, 24, will face Tim Catalfo in a mixed martial arts (MMA) world championship match Saturday night at the University of North Florida Arena in Jacksonville, Fla.

"He's up to the task. Jonathan's an amazing individual," said James Corbett, owner and director of the Valdosta Martial Arts Center, where Wiezorek trains.

The matches begin at 7 p.m., and include VMAC's assistant instructor, Shaun Gay, competing for a super lightweight title. Up to 12 matches are on Saturday's card.

Catalfo currently holds the World Extreme Fighting Championship title, defending it in a match in February with Wiezorek's VMAC teammate James Daniels.

Wiezorek, who graduated from Lowndes High, is graduating from Valdosta State's sports medicine program. Less than a half-day after receiving his degree, he will be entering a 32-foot wide octagonal cage for the title match.

Wiezorek has held a world title before. He won the World Extreme Fighting title from veteran Dan Severn in 2001, getting him to submit in the second round of the match.

But when the WEF promotion was sold and became WEFC, Wiezorek's title was retired. It resurfaced in Catalfo's possession.

Wiezorek is undefeated in professional MMA competition. He is the current International Sport Combat Federation's Professional Super Heavyweight United States Champion.

Mixed martial arts matches, or "ultimate fighting," allow fighters to use a mixture of martial arts techniques; wrestling, boxing, kicking, submission holds, etc.; in attempt to either submit or knockout their opponent.

Wiezorek also plans a world title match when the IKF Regional Kickboxing and MMA event comes to the Lowndes Civic Center on June 21.

Corbett has 50 cage-side tickets available for Saturday's card at $50 each. Contact him via E-mail at or at 219-4881.

For more information on Wiezorek and the Valdosta Martial Arts Center, go to the VMAC website at

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