Some may wonder how moving mostly the same group of wardens from one prison to another prison will do anything to cure the troubles that seem to have plagued the Georgia Department of Corrections for the past few years.

Earlier this week, the DOC announced that several wardens have been moved from one prison post to another warden assignment in another state prison. Included in this move was Valdosta State Prison Warden William Danforth who was reassigned to Telfair State Prison in Helena. Cedric Taylor was re-assigned from his warden position at Autry State Prison in Pelham to becoming the new warden of Valdosta State Prison.

With eight wardens transferring to other prisons throughout the state, the DOC’s move affected 20 percent of the state prisons.

These moves come less than a month after two violent situations within Valdosta State Prison. Incidents which sent several inmates to the hospital to be treated for stab wounds. Last summer, several Georgia prisons were plagued with reports of similar gang violence.

Whether these incidents have any bearing on this week’s moves has not been made public. The Times’ attempts for further comment from the DOC were met with silence.

In past stories, current prison staff, their family members and former personnel have raised concerns regarding both the violence within the prisons and the administration of some prisons in South Georgia.

So, does switching the same group of wardens to different prisons make sense?

Is it like the musician who hopes his broken instrument will play better music if only he finds the right concert hall? Or is the DOC’s move like a game of chess where success comes by placing the same group of pieces in all of the right places?

As a community and state, we can only hope that the Department of Corrections has made all of the right moves.

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