for Thursday, July 22, 2004

Why should Bush be blamed just because the people in Florida were too thick-headed to read the directions and operate a voting machine?

Our school system is in a pinch, cutting jobs to save money, but hey, look on the bright side, we have a really nice stadium!

To the person insisting that we in America do not speak English -- VSU offers a linguistics course. I suggest you sign up. English is spoken in Canada, America, Scotland, England Ireland, Wales, Kenya, and so on. If you mean the original English language ... well, they don't speak that anywhere anymore.

Our Congress is another bad joke played on America. Do you think any corporation could succeed or even survive if half its members spent every waking minute trying to ensure that the leadership of the corporation failed -- at all costs -- even in a war?

It really bothers me when people leave up garage sale signs for weeks after their garage sale. Please take them down when your sale is over. It's tacky and a waste of my time to drive to an address with no garage sale.

Raves to Sheriff Paulk for putting the inmates to work. They should do this kind of community work and it shows the sheriff knows his stuff. Now Bemiss will look like something other than an abandoned mess. I am proud of you sheriff and the inmates who did good work.

Don't fuss about our president. He is a normal person, he doesn't try to put on a show for everyone, do you want a fake person, or a real one?

We have Mr. Kerry telling us we need to regain respect from the international community. I think the international community needs to regain our respect! I don't care about Germany, France, Russia, China or any other country that you can think of that wishes it was America.

To all you Bush-haters out there, You need to take a chill pill. There will be four more years of him in the office."

A million thanks to Sheriff Ashley Paulk and the work detail crews of the Lowndes County Jail for mowing the right-of-way on Bemiss Road. It looks fantastic!

What does it matter if the death count is over 800 or over 1,000, one death is too many! And now we see in the headlines maybe it was Iran that was involved in 9/11. When will the madness end?"

Hopefully everyone got out and voted yesterday. Now, hopefully all candidates will promptly remove all of their campaign signs and give us our beautiful city back.

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