for June 26, 2003

Good, kind neighbors

"Back to the topic of "Where are the good neighbors?" for the single mom who doesn't have a lawn mower. I have a push lawn mower, a husband who is out of town more than he is home due to work, and four kids. Yesterday I was trying to cut my grass when the neighbor across the street came over on his riding lawn mower and cut my grass in five minutes! I'd say the "friendly neighbors" are here. Considering how hot it is, that was a tremendous help to me and I graciously appreciate it. Thank you kind neighbor!"

Payroll taxes

"To the victim of Republican brainwashing: People getting dividend income don't have that tax taken from their paychecks, but the Republicans demand tax relief for them. Poor people do have payroll taxes -- yes, Social Security and Medicare are called payroll taxes -- taken out of every paycheck, but the Republicans insist they don't deserve tax relief!"

Stop, it's the law

"Last time I heard, it is a law in Georgia to stop at a marked crosswalk if there are pedestrians present. Stop at one here in Valdosta and you will get rear-ended and security might write you a ticket for stopping."

Remove barriers

"What is the deal with Bemiss? I have been going up and down Bemiss for the past two months and haven't seen not one contract worker. They need to move the orange barriers and let the traffic flow."

Church blessing

"I would like to thank the members of Eastern Heights Baptist Church for their two weeks of hard work in helping our family with a wedding and a funeral in the same week. I have never seen a church family work so hard to support each other, you all were a blessing to me."

Problem water

"My bath water is black and left a dark gritty substance in my tub! My house smells like a sewer from the sulfur that comes out of all my faucets. But Lowndes County says the water is safe! I live in Stone Creek but I have to go to a hotel to take a shower!"

Give me sweets

"Heck with putt putt. Where's my Dunkin' Donuts?"

Divorce reasons

"What does the number of churches have to do with divorce? Individuals make decisions to divorce. Churches are there to be a source of counsel for troubles. Couples need to come to Lord for aid, rather than giving up on marriage so easily. Many people marry with the thought, 'Well, if it doesn't work out, I'll just get a divorce.'"

New rules

"From now on all cheerleaders trying to raise an honest dollar by actually working in the heat will be required to wear overalls and trench coats. Signed by the What Can We Cry About Now Puritan Society."

Sign of times

"I knew we hit metro when I saw a hot dog vendor on the corner across from VSU. Reminded me of NYC."

What's next?

"I can't believe you people ranting about the cheerleaders in bathing suits. It's a car wash fund raiser. I'm a woman and have no problem with it."

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