for Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Pay scale too low

"As a city with a huge university that's swallowing up everything, and a nearby Air Force Base, and all the tremendous growth around, are we ever going to get away from jobs that require college degrees yet start off paying $6.25-$8 an hour? Everything is changing in Valdosta except the amount of money that these huge businesses are paying. These salaries are no different than they were in 1980."

Pay attention now

"I completely agree with the Our Opinion article about graduation requirements. I made the stupid decision to drop out of high school, having no idea how hard the real world would be. Graduation is extremely important, and I urge parents and students to pay attention as guidelines do change, and requirements do evolve. Survival is impossible without preparation."

Prompt service

"Thanks to the Lowndes County Board of Health Environmental Division for prompt, professional and especially quick permitting assistance rendered by Ted and Scott Williams and Vicky Vickerson. Permit received in less than 24 hours. Thank you."

Free from state

"For those of you who scream separation of church and state need to re-read a copy of the constitution. The point was to keep government out of church. That's why immigrants fled other countries to come here -- freedom of religion."

Small-town drivers

"I wish the people of this town would learn to drive. Drivers under the speed limit are as dangerous as those above it. Use the turn lane for turning, not driving. Turn on your blinker as you approach your turn, not a mile before or a mile after. Yield means proceed with caution, not stop! And, if you drive like this, stay away from a real city - you'll get hurt."

Investing in future

"I have worked as a professional for over 15 years, but now I work from home. I must say that being a stay-at-home mom is the most difficult, demanding, nonstop job I have ever had, yet the most fulfilling and worthwhile. I'm investing in the future. So, if you think staying at home is for lazy people, quit your job and see. You'll want to go back to work real soon. Here's to you, stay-at-home moms. Keep up the good work!"

No certain job

"There is no job from which you cannot be laid off or fired. That rant was out of touch with reality and thus misleading to our young people."

Take down all signs

"If those plastic signs are illegal in the right of way, then fund-raising people should have to take their signs up, too. "

Threat in Berrien

"Not in my back yard syndrome strikes once again. Why are people protesting the Clinch County detention center when there have long been prisons, landfills, and even dangerous incinerators in our back yards? The proposed incinerator in Berrien County is a huge threat."

Proud of worker

"Thanks to Rod at Toys R Us for being so informative and courteous. I can not be happier he helped me inquire going well and beyond the call of duty. Toys R Us should be proud."

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