for April 30, 2003

Not so smart

"Where is Saddam? Maybe his body is at the bottom of that hole in Baghdad -- maybe not. But we do know that nine innocent civilians in houses next to that hole are absolutely positively dead, thanks to U.S. 'smart' bombs. This is intelligence?"

Amazing job

"Congratulations to the VSU Theater Department for a wonderful job on 'Children of Eden'. I saw the performance on Friday and thought it was amazing."

Count blessings

"Isn't it wonderful that we live in a town where the only issues are a bad prom night and the price of gas that is readily available on almost every block. That is pretty good in my book."

Reese reality

"Columnist Charley Reese doesn't think America should fight in any war unless we are attacked. What does he think 9\11 was? Does he think that was a movie?"

No right to whine

"Death row inmates in Mississippi or in any state have no right to complain about their living conditions. They get what they deserve."

Democrats' turn

"I wish to congratulate the Democratic Party. They will be taking back all of those posts they lost the last couple elections. I voted against George Bush Sr. in 1992 because he did not keep his promise. I plan to do the same thing in the next two elections."

Deserving student

"The girl denied admission to the prom was not a home schooled student. She was a full student and was in full standing at the school and was injured while performing an activity at the school which she was engaged in for a long time. She had made a lot of contributions to the school and denying her admission to the prom stinks."

Find sympathy

"In response to 'Homeless update:' Show some compassion. People get to the point of complete despair for a reason. Close your eyes and imagine walking in someone else's shoes (someone who has possibly been dealt raw deals and bad cards) for a minute ... maybe your self-centered perspectives on life could change for the better."

Endless reruns

"How many times can one station play the same womanless beauty pageant? Please take The Fun Channel off the air and put something a little more intelligible in its place! I'm begging you!"

Start spraying

"I wish Brooks County will start spraying for mosquitoes. They don't care for their citizens unless it is time to pay your property taxes."

Church blessings

"Special thanks to Laquita and Jim Johnson for all the hard work they do at the Bethel Church of God for the youth. They are truly a blessing and a great asset to our church."

Cheaper gas

"It was very pleasant weekend of a nice Sunday afternoon drive. It was even a more pleasant drive when I found gas 14 cents cheaper outside of Valdosta. And I never left Lowndes County."

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