for March 20, 2003

Terrific teens

"Your teen reporters can really write. Thanks for including that page."

Wrong issue

"Instead of of worrying about stocking up on beer on Sunday, you should be worrying about getting to church on time on Sunday. Beer is not an issue. Jesus and the Lord is an issue."

Deserving star

"I commend LHS STAR student Andrew Crook for selecting an elementary teacher as his START teacher. Elementary and middle School teachers aren't really given the credit they deserve for shaping the minds and lives of high school students. Andrew, you are really a star."

Here is reason

"The French bashing is going on because it is the only country in this world that has went out of its way to undermine the United States and put our soldiers at risk."

Fresh columnist

"Thank you for adding Molly Ivins to the editorial page. She is like a breath of fresh air."

Hypocritical stance

"To the ranter who wants to ban the Dixie Chicks from radio, how hypocritical are you? They have as much right to freedom of speech as you. Not all of us are in favor of this war. I fully support our soldiers, but I don't support our president who is trying to appease what his father made a blunder of."

Counter column

"I am glad you have added Molly Ivins to your staff of syndicated columnists. It is nice to have somebody to counteract the Cal Thomases of the world. Thanks again."

Fiscal benefits

"Those of us protest the war are by no means un-American any more than those who support the war. I wholeheartedly support our troops; however, I do not support our warmongering president sending them to war. Anyone who thinks this war is about defense against terrorism is deluded. It's about what will financially benefit Bush, Cheney and those like them.

Limited knowledge

"People need to stop assuming that they know everything just because they watch CNN. Our leaders are briefed several times daily about matters of national security and foreign affairs and are in constant contact with the CIA, FBI, and Department for Homeland Security. If they told us everything that was going on, there would be a major panic."

Pending apologies?

"If the U.S. invades Iraq and finds heretofore unreported and unrevealed weapons of mass destruction, I wonder if each anti-war demonstrator will have enough character to publicly admit, 'I was wrong. My president Bush was right!' Saddam has to go."

Negative comments

"How can a war with Iraq reduce the threat of terrorism in the U.S.? The groups responsible were funded by people from numerous nations including the U.S. How can increasing negative sentiment toward us be a good thing?"

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