for Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2003

Making sure

"I've noticed that the stop signs going into the mall have been removed, but I still yield to make sure nobody is coming, as I always slow down when going through green lights, too. I'm sorry that my concern for safety is such an inconvenience to you."

Adjust the light

"The traffic light at the intersection of North Valdosta Road and Country Club Drive needs to be adjusted. On my way into town Tuesday morning, I had to sit through six red lights and each time only 10 cars were able to get through before it turned red again."

Never on welfare

"I work and my husband works. WIC will help you if your income falls below a certain level. I have never been on welfare. I have three beautiful, smart and healthy children. I thank God for them every day."

Please explain

"Will someone please explain why we are sending $87 billion to Iraq when there are hundreds of thousands of dollars of people in this country, children, young people who do not have enough to eat, starving and not educated, why do we have to send the money over there?"

Fitness philosophy

"I am tired of people pretending that their body and mind are two separate things. I know you cannot choose how attractive you are, but you can choose how fit you are. If you are unfit, I would guarantee that you also have other issues in your life. It is also a direct reflection of what is going on inside. Get fit."

Is that a joke?

"Why is the media making such a big deal about the U.S. Senate's insistence that Iraq repay loans to the United States? Yeah, like that will happen!"


"Why is it that liberals are so offended by Scripture in public places or references made to God on currency, yet when we turn on the TV only to view violence, nudity and cursing we're told 'It's our right to free speech, if you don't like it, turn the channel?"'

Parking in streets

"I really wish the sheriff would do something about the residents of Foxborough Subdivision that park their cars on the street instead of their driveways. I could understand once in a while but everyday is going to cause a accident."

Keep our brains here

"To the ranter who wanted to limit HOPE scholarships to those with lower incomes: I sympathize with your concern about the rich getting a free ride. But think about what would happen: students from wealthier families, who also tend to be better educated in the first place, would be more likely to leave the state for education elsewhere. And if they leave, they are likely to stay gone. The result: a gradual brain and income drain on the state. We're already ranked No. 50 in education. Why make things worse?"

Making sense

"I would like to rave about Councilman Willie T. Head voting against the resolution to file this law suit concerning this upcoming election. I think he is the only one who showed common sense and courage to stand up for the people."

Double the fines

"Since so many people in and around Valdosta still speed like reckless speed demons, I think it would be a good idea to at least double all of the speeding fines."

Perfect profile

"I just wanted to say thank you to Rip Prine. I went to school with Ben Freeman, and I thought the article Prine wrote described Ben perfectly. I will miss him terribly, but that article created a perfect little memory of Ben that I will keep with me always."

School's blessing

"A heartfelt Thank You to Mrs. Maureen Gunsolus, athletic director at Southland Christian School, for all her hard work and time. She is our children's biggest cheerleader and sees each child as an individual and encourages them to strive to do their personal best at whatever they do! We are so blessed to have her in our children's lives (and their parents!)"

It's not your job

"To the person who responded to the speeder: The left lane is designated as a passing lane. If you are not passing someone, get out of that lane. Whether you are guilty or not is not the issue, but slowpokes in that lane blocking other traffic is what causes road rage. Let others pass and quit trying to be their conscience."

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