for Thursday, August 12, 2004

To the person that abandoned the 2-week-old black and white kitten on New Bethel Road six weeks ago: You can sleep at night now, I have adopted her, given her food and water and she is now happily living in my house. As for you, I can only imagine the type of person you must be.

You need to read the bicycle helmet laws again: They clearly state that all people UNDER the age of 18 must wear a helmet, not ALL riders.

It is pretty bad when The Valdosta Daily Times has to stoop to the level of a tabloid newspaper by printing an article about a woman charged with injecting transgender women with silicone on the front page of the newspaper. I think somebody ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Dewar Elementary parents: If you must park your car or leave it unattended when dropping off your children in the morning, please park in the left (outside) lane and not on the right (inside) lane. It is maddening having to pull around parked cars and deal with impatient drivers pulling ahead of those of us who are following directions. Perhaps we need a separate flier reminding parents of this one very important rule.

Both candidates are military heroes: Kerry fought bravely in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star while Bush defended Texas from the invading Mexicans. Come on people, face it, Bush hid out.

It's sad that one of the biggest expressions of freedom in America is a blatant disregard for the environment, and one of the most abused freedoms is the right to vote.

Let me ask a lonely neighbor who had the house fire, if you've asked for help and not received it? If you haven't asked, please don't sit there and seethe with resentment and judgment. Your relationship with your neighbor is only as good as what you have put into it. If you didn't have much of a relationship prior to you misfortune, it is certainly not fair to expect help from others afterwards.

A huge thank you to Mr. Kelly Haymon, Ms. Lisa, and all the counselors at the Lake Laurie Boys and Girls Club for a wonderful summer program. For working parents, like ourselves, it truly is a blessing to have a place for the kids to go and have fun in a safe and supervised environment. Thanks for the wonderful summer!

I'd like to rave for Ms. Joy and Ms. Welch at Valdosta Technical College. They are always so helpful, and always wearing a smile!

I'd like to rave about postman Steven King from the Valdosta area. He went beyond the call of duty when he helped me stuff and stamp 40 very important letters so that I could mail them on time.

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