for Friday, April 2, 2004

Lack of impact

"I wish the forum in Hahira had some bearing on the decision made by the Lowndes board of education. The good old boys keep helping their friends."

Banish the ignorant

"The ignorant ranter who compared terrorists to Democrats is a fool. Once the door is opened to excluding people because of different views or ethnic backgrounds, there will be no turning back. The next thing you know they will banish people with low I.Q.s and those such as you would be in danger."

Spray for 'skeeters'

"I agree it is time that the city and county do something about all the mosquitoes. They are already so bad this year that we can't enjoy being outside even with citronella candles lit. Please start spraying immediately so no other children in Valdosta get sick like last year."

Turn off the phone

"When I'm dining out in a restaurant, I'm really not interested in listening to your cell phone conversation. Please show some courtesy and turn off your phone."

Unbelievable joke

"How can the president joke about weapons of mass destruction when more than 550 of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and sons and daughters have been killed? I cannot believe that."

Reese's reasons

"I'm starting to think that maybe Charley Reese's mother was frightened by an Israeli. He seems to have an unreal hatred of Israel."

Bemiss speeders

"Is the speed limit on Bemiss ever going to go back up to 55? Those of us driving the speed limit, which is 45 for those who didn't know, are getting pushed off the road. I'd love to go faster, if it were legal."

Blind leading blind

"In response to the people talking about the outcome of the Spanish elections: Have you looked at Spain's unemployment, high poverty, or are you just repeating the things you've heard other ignorant people say?"

Proud of Bush

"All of the people with the Bush signs in their yards should not show their ignorance so blatantly."

Efficient SUVs?

"Enough with the gas hog SUVs. They are as much fuel efficient as four-door sedan family cars if not more efficient. That is a fact."

Seeking security

"To all the seniors about to graduate high school: Make sure you get a good secure job with excellent benefits. Make sure the job you get, you will be able to retire in 20 years and cannot get laid off or fired."

Battle of Borders

"Rhonda Barnes did an excellent job with Battle of the Borders Softball Tournament this past weekend in Lake Park."

Problems with signs

"Valdosta desperately needs a tighter sign ordinance. The city is beginning to look like a big garage sale. Beaufort, S.C., has one of the tightest sign ordinances I've ever seen. The result is a city that has maintained its natural beauty."

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