for Aug. 7, 2003

Obey the sign

"The sign on Norman Drive that says 'no left-hand turn' into the Wal-Mart parking lot and all those barriers in the road are there for a reason. It means no left-hand turn! You are making a left hand turn and causing a traffic hazard. The police need to start giving tickets for this. You are breaking the law!"

Sick of whining

"I am so sick and tired of the people of Valdosta complaining about smoke impact and people smoking cigarettes."

Thanks to nurses

"Thanks to Marsha, Jo, both are registered nurses, and Linda, nurse technician on the outpatient unit at SGMC for doing a job well done during the time I spent out there."

Boondocks missed

"I happen to miss the Boondocks cartoon. I thought they were funny. I did not find them at all insulting. I am white and I thought they were funny and I really think you all should bring it back or at least say why you all dropped it."

Cheers for coach?

"The new VHS coaches probably are committed to the Wildcats' success, as Friday's story states, but it's opinion. And who is to say whether the coach is doing a fine job of saving souls or not? Leave your opinions to the op-ed page and the cheerleading on the sidelines, not the news pages."

Necessary expense

"Jails have always been a bottomless pit for taxpayers -- there is simply no return on their expense. Society must decide what it wants -- a safe, secure and humane facility for housing inmates for however long is necessary, or face high turnover rates among officers, increased superfluous lawsuits from inmates (and the occasional valid but expensive one) and dangerous conditions for both. Jails aren't cheap, but where do you want to put prisoners awaiting trail, many of whom have no concern about obeying the law or hurting you?"

Doors are open

"I can tell by the way you are printing the articles on the jail that this newspaper is printing only replies that assume everyone in Lowndes jail is a guilty, low-life, next-to-dog criminal. Well, it does have doors that will open to you outstanding law-abiding Valdostans."

Midnight basketball

"To the kids who think it is OK to play basketball in the middle of the street late at night: This is a neighborhood, not a college fraternity row. If you can not handle your new found freedom, move back home with your parents. And to the responding patrol officer, who also seemed to think this was OK: please become familiar with the City of Valdosta's ordinances."

Cafe Smoke-A-Lot

"Why doesn't someone open a purely smoking restaurant and then smokers as well as non-smokers will have a place to go? But those trying to pass laws banning such things would deny this solution."

Jail complaints

"For those who complain about the jail: That is where you belong. Better yet, be glad you don't have to depend on your relatives and friends to provide you with food, clothing and medicine as they do in many foreign countries. You would not survive long. You get what you need -- no more and no less."

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