for Monday, May 3, 2004

Taking the blame

"Why is it that everything that is wrong or bad took place before George W. Bush took office, but everything good was done by George W. Bush? Does this president ever take the blame for anything?"

Proud of cashier

"There is a distinguished lady who took my order and was the cashier the other night at Taco Bell on Ashley Street. She was so pleasant, Taco Bell should be proud."

Put up fences

"We should pull all of our troops throughout the world back home, disband the military, and hope and pray that the bad terrorists will not ever mess with us again!"

No enforcement

"Is the City of Valdosta not enforcing the smoking ban? Recently I had occasion to go to a local pizza parlor downtown, and everybody was puffing away. Talk about secondhand danger."

Poor role models

"I wonder if O.J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant and Jayson Williams know that athletics teaches discipline, team work, and good leadership. Or should we continue to turn a blind eye to what truly teaches discipline, community, and leadership, and it isn't athletics."

Kudos to Kaylin

"Kudos to Kaylin McCoy of Sylvia's Models and Talent. The song you sang at the Madison Shover benefit was beautiful, and it was very obvious it came from your heart. You brought tears to my eyes."

Calling for help

"I would like to rave about the man at Forrest and Park who called 911 when my baby was choking. It is nice to know that there are still people who care about you and not about the traffic being stalled. Thank you so much, it really means a lot!"

Missing medals

"One thing I can't stand are war mongers who never even fought nor served this country in any capacity. By the way, how many ribbons or medals did Bush or Cheney receive while serving in Vietnam?"

Way to go, team

"What a way to go for the Lowndes High Vikette track team. You young ladies have done it again. Hard work pays off. Congratulations to Coach Johnson and Coach Harris."

Research politics

"When are people going to start doing their own research on the candidates and quit being so lazy? You can't believe everything that is written and spoken in the news. So many people write in on the war and what is going on in the Gulf and they don't even have a clue!"

Clean it up

"What we need in America is a woman in the White House to clean up behind all the men."

True models join fight

"The editorial, 'Servicemen give their all for U.S.' was excellent. I believe more movie stars, sports figures, and singers should join the military. They can preach whatever they want, but a true model enlists. Back in my day they did: Ted Williams, Lee Marvin, Roger Staubach, Elvis Presley and the list goes on. Now those are real role models, just like Tillman."

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