for Wednesday, September 8, 2004

I noticed while reviewing the Kerry's records that he was in the Navy Reserve until 1978. That means he was a commissioned officer at the time he made his Senate speech, conducted his anti-war activities and visited with North Vietnamese in Paris.

Can anyone tell me how my neighbor can afford a new Mercedes and not an edger? His grass creeps over the curb into the road. Come on.

If Georgia W. Bush can use his professed Christianity as a subtle campaign tactic, and we Americans elect a president because of his religious beliefs, then that separation of church and state thing might as well be trash.

Thanks to SGMC for the kind treatment they gave me while I was in the hospital. I was on the fourth floor south. The treated me with such love and patience. I want to thank Dawn, Caroline, Sharon, Becky and Rebecca and the rest I can't name.

Since, according to Scripture, God owns his creation and speaks through it, then every place is hallowed and sacred, even a football field. Especially, if it is a field where young men over the years have learned integrity and selflessness for the common good.

Can Valdosta get any better bands or musicians to play here? I'm tired of listening to the same bands play the same songs every night.

Land of the free, home of the brave, unless you smoke or drink on a certain day.

The alcoholics are the only ones worried about Sunday alcohol sales. Why don't you just buy enough on Saturday to hold you over? Is it too hard to plan a little? Don't force Sunday alcohol sales on me just because you have a disease.

I'm sick and tired of hearing the whining about Sunday alcohol sales. People are hiding behind the statement they just want a glass of wine with their meal on Sunday when what they really want is a belly full of whiskey and easy access. It's a menace to society and you should just buy enough of the evil stuff on Saturday to hold you over. Why don't you try church instead of whiskey?

The football field is described as hallowed and sacred because football is the most important thing in Valdosta. It's more important than education or church and only narrowly beats out Sunday alcohol sales. Actually, football is a religion served to Valdostans weekly and Sunday alcohol sales is the newest prophet.

The ranter who thinks children don't smile enough is unrealistic. People don't have to smile to be OK. I'm happy most all of the time, yet I rarely smile. I'm smiling on the inside and I resent someone condescending to me about it. Mind your own business and I'll smile a little more.

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