for Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Too much of same

"I totally agree with the person who was complaining about the radio stations in Valdosta. They play the top 10 over and over again, the oldies stations play the same thing over and over. I am going to heave if I have to hear 'Sweet Home Alabama' one more time. One might say just turn the channel. Well I tried that, it didn't work. I'll just practice my singing."

Move over, walkers

"To the walkers who use VMS Track, walk like you drive. The right three lanes (four to six) are for you. Lanes 1-3 are for runners. Ladies, when you talk in groups, do not take up all the lanes. I run eight laps a night there and walk one. I respect walkers, please respect the runners."

Uneducated views

"It is sad to see so many of the uneducated population of Valdosta trying to appear wise by sending a rant to VDT. They lash out at the administration, our soldiers, and other members of our country's leadership. I suppose our country would be perfect if these country bumpkins were in office, huh? To all of you opinionated people: get an education, get a hobby, get real!"

Boon to Halliburton

"Media to blame? Name something good that has come out of the war! Oh I forgot, increased revenues for oil companies and Bush's cronies!"

The truth hurts

"To the person who thought my fat kid on the scooter comment was cruel: It is more of a matter of truth hurts. These people don't mind to belly up to the buffet four or five times. The truth is that overweight people are putting too much of a strain on our medical system. People need to show some restraint. And no, I was never overweight, but my mother is, and I still have no compassion."

Lions Club thanks

"Thumbs up to everyone who participated in the White Cane Days for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation and to the restaurants and their patrons who put their money in our canisters around town."

Go north, young man

"Travel Tip: If you are traveling North, don't buy your gas here. Gas drops by 10 to 15 cents as you go North. After driving over four states, this weekend I saw less than a dozen stations with gas higher than in Valdosta."

Too expensive

"Overboard, yes. It is great to rename the conference center for Mayor Rainwater, but as a tax-paying citizens, this statue should not be built. It is going overboard."

Balanced views

"I would like to compliment The Valdosta Daily Times for publishing a balanced perspective on political issues in this very divisive election year. Keep up the nonpartisan good work."

Favorite columnist

"The VDT deserves a rave for printing Richard Raines' column each week. I am convinced he is the best columnist you have."

Missing signals?

"I am confused! Why do people buy those big SUVs? None of the ones I see women driving have turn signals. Maybe they need to recall the SUVs, or maybe send the women back to drivers ed or maybe they need to get off the phone and pay more attention."

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