for Monday, April 7, 2003

City gas stations

"Instead of the city building its own cable company for $37 million and putting local residents out of jobs, why doesn't it buy the local Swifty Marts and sell gas at a lower price? It will save people more money, more quickly with less of an initial investment."

Don't blame Bill

"People need to stop blaming Bill Clinton for everything. This is George W. Bush's war."

Start praying

"I don't know whether President Bush is right or wrong with his decision to bomb Iraq. So, I just put my faith in God's hands and he will take care of everything. If you want peace, I suggest you do the same thing. Stop whining and start praying!"

Beautiful city

"It is spring and Valdosta has put on her beautiful colors. The flowers and trees are gorgeous. Thank God we live in the land of the free and we live in the most beautiful place on earth."

Island of refuge

"Thank you to The Valdosta Daily Times for having the courage to print the columns of Charley Reese and Molly Ivins. It is good to hear these voices of reasons and truths spoken in South Georgia. They are truly an island of refuge in all this sea of pro-war insanity."

New job for Arnett?

"I wonder if Iraq's state TV will give Peter Arnett a job since he's been canned from CNN, NBC and National Geographic."

Slow the war

"There are supposed to be thousands of radicals from other countries on their way to Iraq to fight for Iraq. If that is true, we need to slow this war down long enough so they can all get there."

Support families

"I want to make sure that all military spouses and their families are receiving the support they need while their military member is deployed. If you are one of those spouses, please call the Family Support Center at Moody AFB or your spouse's First Shirt or Commander. If you need anything, they should be able to steer you to the right arena for help. Please take care of yourselves and your families. This is how we can support our military men and women while they are gone."

Favored status

"North Korea, Israel, and Pakistan all have weapons of mass destruction, but Saddam is the flavor of the month. Probably the mustache."

Review enjoyed

"I was glad to see Edith Smith's review of Bernard Goldberg's book 'Bias' in the VDT. Hopefully it will stimulate awareness of the elite control monopoly in American's mainstream media, both broadcast and published."

Moving tribute

"Thanks to Mediacom for their wonderful tribute they are doing in their six minutes at Moody AFB who lost their lives. It totally moved me."

Forgotten history

"The reader who wrote that the U.S. was one of the few nations never invaded by a foreign power must surely have never heard of the war of 1812. I believe England even burned the White House!"

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