for Nov. 24, 2003

VDT thanked

"Thank you to The Valdosta Daily Times for sponsoring the recent concert by the U.S. Navy Commodores Jazz Band. They have many super musicians and a wonderful vocalist. This type of music must be encouraged so that it doesn't disappear."

Cheer on Blazers

"I would like to rave about another outstanding year of college football by the VSU Blazers! Coach Chris Hatcher, his staff, and those amazing young men have once again shown what hard work and dedication can accomplish on the field. However, I also have to rant about the lack of support from our community. Even when there is a good crowd, it sometimes seems like a wake. I live out of town and cannot make it to this first playoff with Carson Newman, but come on Valdostans, come out there on Saturday, and really cheer on those Blazers make some noise and show your support. They have earned it!"

Read the words

"The First Amendment of the Constitution states: 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.' This means that we are entitled to worship as we please, and the government has no right to tell us what religion to follow. Allowing Christianity into our government would be an establishment of religion, and a slap in the face to the people who fought so hard for our religious freedom since they had none. James Madison, the father our of Constitution, as well as many other founding fathers specifically stated that they wanted church and state separate. Don't believe it? Look it up for yourself!"


"Thanks to the man with animal control who came out to Old Highway 41 North on Tuesday night when a dog was struck by a vehicle. He was just wonderful in helping with the situation. We appreciate your compassion very much."

Student teachers

"It seems to me that teachers don't have to do anything anymore. They're too busy letting the VSU student teachers do it all. I'm not fond of the student teachers and they need supervision, not just to be let loose with a class so the hired teacher can do as they choose!"

Keep them home

"It's not just day care. At least four times this year already, I've walked my daughter to her class and the teacher was trying to track down the parent of a child who had just been dropped off who had a high fever and was too sick to stay at school, let alone be taken in the first place. Parents, get your priorities together, I'm home right now with a sick child because people let children come to school sick."

Jefferson statement

"Separation of church and state is no where in the U.S. Constitution, especially the First Amendment. Thomas Jefferson actually used the expression in letters to the Baptist congregation over their concern over the First Amendment."

Cycle of colds

"I would just like to say that I agree with the person who says that parents should keep their child home when they are sick. I work with it every day. If one parent sends their child to daycare with a cold then every child in the class including us teachers are going to get it. And then that parent wonders why their child isn't getting better. It is because it keeps going around."

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