for Sept. 18, 2003

Rationale for hating

"The fact is that for every verse in the Bible that divides the world into Christians and children of Satan, there is another verse that holds we are all equal in the eyes of God. The people who emphasize division are simply picking the Bible verses that help rationalize their own hatred of others or their own superiority complexes. Their logic is exactly like the logic of those who destroyed the World Trade Center: 'Because others do not share our beliefs, their lives are less important than ours.'"

Saddam support

"Saddam Hussein was sending $25,000 to every family who sent a loved one to Hamas and became a suicide bomber. If that isn't supporting terrorism, then what is?"

Salute to finest

"The City of Valdosta has said goodbye to one of its finest police officers, Capt. Donald Cox. I for one appreciate his dedication to the city and wish him God's blessings in retirement. Well done, Capt. Cox!"

No child left behind

"To the person who said Lowndes High School should be ashamed: I am a band parent and at every meeting I have attended, it has been repeated, 'We don't want any child to miss out simply because his/her parents can't afford it. If someone has a true financial need, please see a band booster officer.' Besides that, Wild Adventures and the LHS Band Boosters have a partnership by which band parents can work at Wild Adventures and earn money toward their child's trip. No child is left out at LHS because of financial need."

Mass murderer

"Saddam Hussein has murdered thousands of people. We are still uncovering mass graves in Iraq. He used chemical weapons on his own people in a Hitler-style genocide attack. When you criticize the war in Iraq, you defend these actions even if there is no connection between Saddam and Osama bin Laden."

Going too fast

"I was almost hit by a young man driving a Chevy S-10 truck on Ashley Street yesterday. He ran a red light. Luckily he had the presence of mind to avoid hitting me or I would not be writing this now. Please folks, slow down on Ashley and Patterson! Your lives (and others) depend on safe driving!"

Picnic appreciated

"Thanks to Cleo and Nancy Williams for the wonderful picnic provided to the Lowndes High School Georgia Bridgemen after practice. We appreciate all you do for us. Also, thanks to the businesses in Valdosta that support all of us students in our activities."

Bigots abound

"It only goes to show you how ignorant some people are. To the hypocritical bigot probably claiming to be a Christian: The HIV virus was around well before the AIDS epidemic ever started. And if homosexuals are the only people getting it, how do you account for the millions of heterosexuals infected?"

Hackworth hated

"The Valdosta Daily Times needs to get rid of the columnist David Hackworth. He doesn't talk about military matters. All he talks about is how he hates Bush."

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