for Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This cable business is the biggest collusion this city has ever seen. It is clear that certain members of the old establishment are set to do this, even if the majority of Valdostans are dead set against it.

As a Christian, it seems like all my fellow Christians are concerned about the Ten Commandments being posted in public buildings. The Commandments are certainly part of our Jewish heritage but not from the New Testament which contains the New Covenant with God through Jesus Christ his son. Why doesn't anyone talk about posting the beatitudes, which were said by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount? Because then they might have to live by such commands as 'Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.'

How do you know what people with dark tinted windows in their cars can see? You're just jealous because you can't see them, but believe me, they see you."

Thank you for having Sharon Randall's and Jim Davidson's weekly columns. They both are interesting and inspirational.

People don't like Cynthia Tucker because she tells the truth and the truth hurts.

To the individual with the rant about cars with dark windows not being ticketed, those cars are not being ticketed because that law was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Georgia because it discriminated against Georgia residents by not applying to nonresidents.

I've been all over Georgia lately and the Valdosta area has the highest prices in the state. About two weeks ago it was reported that a gallon of gas dropped 6 cents. Didn't the station owners here get the message ?

There is no way I would have voted for Ronald Reagan, but he was our president, and deserves the respect of a national funeral. I have heard no mention of how the expenses were paid. Maybe a lot was private money.

The cost of Reagan's funeral was enormous when you factor in the cost of security and the one-day holiday but why complain about it? Who cares if he planned it years in advance? Why should a popular former president be buried on the cheap when he can be sent off in style in a state funeral that brought thousands of people together?

We think a lot of Mr. and Mrs. Luke and are sorry and disgusted over the way he has been treated by the VA. President Bush is doing a great job in many areas but his administration is failing in two vital tasks: properly rewarding those in our armed forces and stopping the hordes of illegal aliens who act as if they have a divine right to be here.

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