for Monday, May 24, 2004

Great night

"Congratulations to Mr. Samuel Clemons, principal at Lowndes Middle for a beautiful honors night. He has done a dynamite job at Lowndes Middle School with the programs and the students."

Appreciated act

"Thanks to the young couple who helped me load my bird seed into my basket at Sam's last Friday and then saw me in the parking lot and helped me put it in my car."

Nothing to hear

"I agree about the radio stations in Valdosta. I just quit listening to the radio pretty much because there is nothing there."

Quit the Senate

"Senator 'Zigzag' Miller should leave the Senate and become a spokesman for Alzheimer's."

Thanks to officer

"Thanks to Ofc. Tucker with the VPD for escorting me to the Credit Union Thursday at Five Points. I was scared to go up there with all the party goers in the parking lot. Thank you again."


"I think it is great they are renaming the conference center for Mayor Rainwater. It is wonderful they are putting a statue there, but don't you think putting a statue there is going a little overboard?"

Cafeteria kindness

"Thanks to Maxine Clark for all she does at Valdosta High School cafeteria. She is the only one that takes the time to ask how you are doing and give encouraging words. Thanks Ms. Clark and keep on smiling."

Smooth driving

"Thanks to the staff and crew who are working on the east side of Perimeter Road. It makes driving a whole lot smoother. Thanks for doing this job."

Golf course booster

"Golf Course: I don't play. I think a public golf course would be great. There are a lot of people who would go."

Where's the outcry?

"You know, I see a lot of people up in arms over the treatment of the Iraqi prisoners. Now, I do not condone the actions of the people abusing the prisoners, but where is the U.S. public outcry against injustices in our own land--such as child pornography? We know it exists. It's sent out over the internet, yet we aren't, as a society, doing much about it. Yes, there are laws and arrests, but there is not an outcry about it. Where was the Arabic outcry against the atrocities performed against Americans? Where is the American outcry against the atrocities performed against Americans? I guess that just isn't news, and frankly, that saddens and annoys me."

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