for Friday, Jan. 9, 2004

Fine the litterers

"Some people think the world is their ashtray and trash can. My sons and I have cleaned up trash on a road near our house more than once. I wish the rednecks who throw trash out on the side of the road would get what they deserve, a $500 fine."

Wrong place

"Rebuilding a stadium in a residential area of town is absolutely stupid. People who own homes in that area will never get any peace. The people who made that decision should have to live right there underneath it."

Missing parties

"Why don't the media ever mention the candidates from other parties who are running for office? The last time there was a third-party candidate running for governor he was cut out of the picture of the debate and only the two main party candidates were shown. Who is making our choices for us? The media that's who. Where are the Libertarian candidates? The Green Party candidates? How about the Reform Party, what happened to them?"

Speedy SUVs

"For some strange reason I drive the speed limit, and there is always a big SUV on my bumper. I stop at stop signs, too, and almost got rammed because the person behind me just assumed I would run the stop sign like he planned to do."

Pay attention

"Turn off your cable TV, or at least watch some C-Span and stop being so complacent that you won't even vote. They've got you right where they want you. At home watching the game and not thinking about what really matters. Meanwhile the rich elitist people run the country and take all of the pie. The rest of us get nothing but hard times."

Pick up the trash

"Valdosta and much of South Georgia is littered with more trash than many other parts of the country. I pick up trash wherever I see it. I encourage others to do the same. It makes a person feel good to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem."

Reasons for flu

"The flu isn't caused by 'running in cold water.' It is a virus!"

Smokers' long lives

"Our immediate family does not smoke, but my grandfather was 87 when he died and smoked from the age of 5. My grandmother was 91 when she died and inhaled his smoke for 70 years. They died happy. Did anybody think it just might be that car you are driving that's killing us all!"

Ivins' ignorance

"I'm surprised Molly Ivins doesn't know that if a customer orders from a catalog company that has a physical presence in the state where he/she lives, sales tax is paid on items ordered."

My freedoms

"I'm so sick and tired of people saying that their freedom is being taken away by not being able to 'blow smoke in my face' and saying that I should go somewhere else if I don't like it. You are infringing on my right to breathe and eat wherever I want. When you find a way to keep your smoke to yourself in a public place, then feel free to smoke wherever you want!"

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