for Friday, March 12, 2004

Kudos for gala

"I would like to give a thumbs up to the American Heart Association and all the volunteers who made the fourth Annual Heart Gala a huge success, even more so that the focus of this year's gala was on heart disease/stroke in women. Dr. Shirley Andrews, a survivor of open heart surgery as a child, very eloquently spoke on the devastating effects of heart disease on women today."

Marriage changed

"I would bet that God's plan for Adam and Eve's marriage 6,000 years ago is nothing like any relationships or marriage we have today. Marriage is a civil contract when we talk about the state. It is only spiritual when involved with a religion, and that varies from not only faith to faith but even church to church."

Making God smile

"Same-sex marriage is no more a slap in the face to God than freeing slaves or giving women the right to vote. People showing love and respect for one another make him smile, and people like you slap the smile right off his face."

Showing all sides

"You say the Times is one-sided because they print Charley twice a week. What about the other five days? Did you forget about them? Just because you don't agree with what's printed doesn't mean others don't. That's part of being fair and balanced -- showing all sides, not just yours."

Thanks to Council

"The smoking ban is simple. It's just like the DUI laws. They are in place to stop people from inflicting harm on others, not to take away anyone's rights. Thanks to the City Council for not making me breathe second-hand smoke while I eat."

Football priority

"If we can't play football in Mathis Auditorium, we are not going to spruce that place up."

Caretakers thanked

"A very special thank you to Dr. R. Derry Crosby and his physician assistant, Mike Chammoun, and all his staff at Smith-Northview Hospital for taking such good care of me during my surgical stay. They couldn't have been any nicer to me. They made my stay more tolerable. Thanks to you all."

Forget the issue

"A nonsmoker's rights trumps the rights of the smoker. Non-smokers have the right to walk into a business and breathe fresh air. We already have enough pollutants out there, why add more? Besides, get off it already; what is done, is done. Focus on other issues, like having a choice between tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber for our next president."

Opening the can

"If homosexuality and heterosexuality are determined by genetics, not by choice, what makes bisexuals? Also what happens when bisexuals demand a marriage partner of each sex? Will we then make bigamy and polygamy legal? Seems to me the worms just keep crawling out of the can."

Super nurses

"I would like to rave about SGMC and some super nurses, Donna Croy, Rubye Day, Tracy Fouraker, and a really nice nurse, Georgeann. Also for Dr. Griner for diagnosing my rare disease. Thanks for a great job."

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