for Wednessday, August 18, 2004

Great! Now we have people coming from out of town to conduct their drive-by shootings. It is time to unleash VPD and let them do what they get paid to do. No more 'Mr. Nice Guy' to these punks and their collaborators here in Valdosta.

I was the last voter in Dixie, Ga., today and I was number 11. It's a darn shame our men and women of the armed forces have spent 200 years defending our right to vote and only 11 showed up.

The milk jug lady got banned from Quitman last year, but she is now back but no one authorized it but no one did anything about it either. Is she banned or not. Do the rules apply here?

Two months ago, my friends wanted Bobby Cox fired and the Braves had no chance. But look now, the Braves are in first and my friends say Cox is manager of the year. I'm sick and tired of all these so-called Braves fans.

North Vietnamese generals stated that following their failed Tet offensive of 1968 they were militarily defeated. They continued to fight (for another seven years) because the anti-war movement in U.S. and the politicians that pandered to it encouraged them to. They concluded the U.S. didn't have the will to stay the course and achieve total victory. Is the same thing going to happen again?

The terrorists have attacked the United States, can and will again. The way that we left Vietnam brought more tragedy to the region than our being there did. If we disengage the war on terror or leave it to a body such as the U.N., we'll repeat our mistake. Only this time, we'll feel the pain right here at home.

When partisan politicians and slanted media coverage cannot succeed in swaying the will of our country, the appeasers resort to another tactic. They go to work on the morale and minds of American soldiers and those who support them.

Was it just one brilliant individual or a committee that decided to scrape and erode the topsoil on both sides of Loch Laurel Road, leaving big piles of dirt, many right in front of our mailboxes, and tearing up the lip of my driveway, instead of simply mowing the grass? Just when I think the ultimate in stupidity has been reached, subsequent events prove otherwise.

If Genesis was intended to be a science book, the creation story would last more than two chapters. The story of creation is there to remind us that we are responsible to the God who made heaven and earth. Where are the dinosaurs? I don't really care; I am more interested in God's presence.

Charley Reese and Molly Ivins on the same page on the same day are more than I can stomach!

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