for Monday, April 14, 2003

Tucker logic

"Let's get something straight. Columnist Cynthia Tucker doesn't want American companies to get the jobs of rebuilding Iraq so that American workers will be cut out? Amazing!"

Brooks dress code

"Recently the faculty at Brooks County Middle School has been enforcing a non offensive dress code. What was fine for the last eight months is suddenly offensive (example, Dixie Outfitter shirts). If they are going to take action against these shirts, which nobody really finds offensive, then they should have to take action against any apparel that signifies one ethnic group."

Eye on the job

"I would say Dick Cheney is very busy doing his job as VP since the 'very presidential' President Bush is taking care of the issues of this war. Why do people think they have to have a camera on someone all the time know that they are still alive and well and doing their job? Maybe they would like a camera on them while they are on their job, if they even work!"

Filler classes

"Check out the supplements that the assistant coaches are getting and you won't be any happier. Academics are just something to fill the time between football seasons in this town."

Cheers for Chicks

"Three cheers for the Dixie Chicks. Although I don't agree with their message, it's their right and privileges to speak out. After all, George Bush was elected by the people, and he can be criticized by the people."

Great air show

"Thanks to Moody Air Force Base and all the wonderful people out there for a wonderful show this weekend and especially the flight part. I am looking forward to the next one."

It's my money

"To the person who made the comment about kids riding around in cars with big rims they can't afford: How do you know our financial situation? I have a very good job and I have a Roth IRA. Don't worry about what I do with my money!"

Earth to Charley

"What planet is Charley Reese living on? He says that your best bet for keeping up with the war in Iraq is BBC and Al-Jazeera. Even British sailors on the HMS Ark Royal quit watching BBC because its war coverage is so pro-Iraq, while Al-Jazeera is a propaganda tool for Saddam Hussein. Charley goes on to say that we are not being greeted as liberators. Charley must be watching different scenes in Baghdad than what I'm seeing. I just thought of the ideal job for Charley, assistant to the idiotic Iraqi Minister of Information."

What now?

"I hope all you peace protesters are embarrassed now. What do you think we should do now? Leave Iraq and tell the Iraqi people that we shouldn't have been there and give them back to Saddam? No chance!"

Rethink new flag

"Some people will never learn that the separation of church and state was initiated by our forefathers to guarantee us the right to worship as we please, without permission or approval of the government. Gov. Sonny needs to rethink the flag motto."

Typical fan behavior

"Where are all the Braves fans? I guess they'll wait until they start winning again until they start showing their support. Braves fans are the biggest bandwagon fans on earth."

Enjoyable break

"I really enjoy Dwain Walden's column. It is a nice relief after everything else we are hearing. The one in Thursday's paper with his car being stolen was a classic. Thanks."

Gas prices too high

"The gas prices here are 10-11 cents higher than in Lakeland, Ga. and 15-18 cents higher in Douglas. The people who are involved with the gas are ripping the people in Valdosta off."

Kudos to Ashley

"My brother was visiting from Maine last Tuesday when the letter from Lowndes High School freshman Ashley Duckett was published, and he was impressed so much he took the paper back to Maine to show off the patriotism of the Southerners. We appreciate Ashley for standing up the way she did."

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