Who is responsible for getting the honor listings in for Georgia Christian? Two report card times and people would like to know. Grandparents would like to see their grandkids in the paper. 

Thank you, Valdosta Daily Times, for trying to keep the Valdosta City school board on track with the Open Meetings Act. ... I appreciate you trying to keep them on track. 

 Worried about the city trees being pruned when yards are not mowed? Ridiculous! Do your job and fine the home owners/renters that don’t!

My husband and I went to Cheddar’s Restaurant to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary on New year’s Day. After we were seated, we were joined by our two great-granddaughters 7 ages and 3 years old. We were waited on by a waitress by the name of Deborah. She went above and beyond of what was expected of her. She was heaven sent. She really made our day special. More  people should be like her. You will be surprised at the size of tip you will get for a smile, friendly attitude, being nice  and friendly service.  Thank you, Deborah! You were really a blessing.

Shame on the Valdosta City school board for not listening to those football players. They could have taken a minute just to listen to what they had to say. 

That is the most ridiculous thing about Dr. Brad Adams trees I have ever heard in my life. No wonder businesses won’t locate in Valdosta. Somebody needs to do something about that. 

This is a rant to the City of Valdosta and their stupid tree ordinance! Those are his trees, let him  trim them the way he wants.

In regards to “Out on a limb,” Adams Orthodontics in Sunday’s paper, what is the problem on waiting until the spring to see if the trees will bloom again? What’s next, leaves on the sidewalk?

 I think it is unbelievable, unthinkable that (the city) is expecting Dr. Adams to basically destroy by having to dig up these crepe myrtles. Doesn’t he know this is what we do in the South during the winter?

I could not believe what I read in The Valdosta Daily Times on Sunday’s front page. The city is concerned about tree trimming? Wow! They don’t see all the trash in the parks, along the roadways? And how about the grass cuttings and the parking on front lawns?

Somebody needs to rein in the tree Nazi. This is what happens when you put somebody in authority who has no common sense. 


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