How sad it is when a minister uses her power to manipulate people for her own selfish desires. Not at Christian. Several innocent people have been left in her wake, but have no fear God is still here and no one steps on Him. She may think she’s in control, but He will have the last word.

I wonder how many people who elected Donald Trump to the presidency wished they hadn’t? I say it is 25 percent. 

Boy, AARP really dropped  the ball by not having the tax return service free for seniors at the Valdosta Senior Center that they had for many years. That service is really missed. It is a disgrace to Valdosta we don’t have it here where a small town like Thomasville did. 

Your article of Valdosta celebrating 150 years was so interesting. A look into the past of Valdosta. For those of us who are not from Valdosta and did not know the history learned so much, when the town started,  how it started and to where it is now. More history please. 

For those saying no on a roundabout, I believe most of them don’t know what it is. So lets  lets keep Valdosta in the “old days” instead of trying something new. A roundabout goes front the right and goes “around”. Roundabout! Think about it. 

Here we do again. Someone wants to tell you what you can and can’t say. I am a veteran and I served for the right for everybody to be able to speak what’s  on their minds, including you and Leonard Pitts! Write or email Leonard Pitts what you are writing in the paper what you don’t like what he says. Trump is a liar and don’t have the decency to  tell when he lies! He tells another lie to cover that one up! Here we go again!

A huge rave to producers, musicians and performers of the musical “Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat at Valdosta High  last weekend. This was the most amazing show I have seen in a long time. Thank you all for a wonderful evening. I can’t wait to see your next show. 


Each of us is free to form, hold and express our opinion. However, it should be remembered that opinion is not necessarily born of well-informed, reasoned though but is often the birthchild of ignorance and intolerance.



AARP should be willing to pay more to fund the free senior tax service at the Valdosta Senior Center that we have had ever year up until this year. It is a disgrace a town as small as Thomasville still have it and we don’t. AARP get with it next year!

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