Great article in Wednesday’s paper on ‘Sacrifice’ Mr. Poling. Really great article. Thank you sir!

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How sad it is when a minister uses her power to manipulate people for her own selfish desires. Not at Christian. Several innocent people have been left in her wake, but have no fear God is still here and no one steps on Him. She may think she’s in control, but He will have the last word.

AARP should be willing to pay more to fund the free senior tax service at the Valdosta Senior Center that we have had ever year up until this year. It is a disgrace a town as small as Thomasville still have it and we don't. AARP get with it next year!

Having read the Hoot Gibson column of 4April I now understand. It is OK to intern, lock up or toss away people if Americans are afraid or angry with them. As is usually the case with conservatives, fear and anger are the motivating factors. Also, please keep Leonard Pitts column.

What a wonderful article Mr. Gibson had published on Wednesday in the VDT regarding  the electoral college. I think it should be a must read for everyone. The clarity in which he expressed it will not leave doubt in any one's mind of what has taken place. 

Again Stewart Circle has numerous huge potholes. This happens weekly and is eventually refilled to happen repeatedly. It damages cars daily. Please repave the road. Hundreds of cars use this road daily.

It said in Friday’s paper the Valdosta-Lowndes Development Authority is going to renovate a building for $650,000 and the Georgia Beer Company is going to use that building and not going to pay rent the first year. And all it will provide is five to 10 jobs. Is this a good investment for our…

I want to thank Mr. John Gayle, Mr. Rick Folsom and Mr. Robert Yost for helping this city and their vision to continue to make our city viable for all of us.

If the city council design for Hahira Civic Center Park, they should  make the space face so that the performers are in the shade. Dancers are exerting themselves a lot. The people  in the audience are just sitting idle watching. Please take that in consideration in the design whether it fac…

That was a very wise statement by Rev. Floyd Rose in Thursday’s paper. He is a very wise man and we really need to listen to him and move on with this situation. 

Young parents, please. Ilove babies and toddlers as much as anybody, but please take them out when they disrupt our dinner, which we are paying a nice price to eat, preferably in peace. We are beginning to ask for a No Baby Zone. Thank you.

My annual property and assessment notice just arrived. I was expecting the new Valdosta High School to cover the new “Taj Mahal” Valdosta High School complex; but when I saw the estimated new Valdosta High School taxes were just as much as the other taxes put together, I hit the roof. Every …

To the delusional ranter who believes more Republicans are turning Democrat, guess again. The exact opposite is true.

Shooting animals is illegal and immoral. If you do nothing, you are also responsible for animal suffering. If the man is unstable, report it to your Willowwood neighbor City Councilman Tim Carroll. He will notify police if you are afraid to do it yourself.

I am interested in knowing how much the Hospital Authority of Valdosta-Lowndes County’s attorney’s fees were for negotiating the $1 decrease in the fine for violating the Georgia Open Meetings Act. I guarantee you it was a lot more than the $1 that was saved.

Is there any way that the county can pave the railroad crossing at Tillman Crossing instead of filling the pot holes once in a while? It make no sense for them to fill the holes and within a couple of days they are there again bigger than ever. The road is the same way on Stewart Circle.

The parking deck headline should have read “Massive Opposition Recorded to Toombs Street Parking Deck.” Despite promotion of the Toombs site by the city, a majority of the respondents didn’t want the deck on Toombs and nearly half wanted it at McKey Street.

It is pretty sad The Times didn’t have anything in the paper about country music legend Merle Haggard. I buy the paper monthly to read the news, not to go to a website.

Bravo to Shirley Brown who works at Moody Air Force Base for returning my credit card accidentally hidden in a glove box of a rental car she had after we had it. That was a very honest thing to do and I wish we had more people like you.

I have been following with interest the articles with the hospital authority. From what I read on the attorney’s response with the problems they are having with the meetings, it seems it is time to look  for another attorney. If you can’t get the time of the meeting correctly, what else can …

Rust Belt and Southern Democrats are waking up and switching to Trump because illegals are taking their jobs, lowering wages and war expenses are eating up welfare benefits. Taxes are too high and we have run out of “other peoples money.” We can’t afford the freebies, jobs are the answer. Tr…

Advanced Disposal’s contract is up again. It is being renewed without any additional services. No recycle, yard pick-up, etc. If the city can have this why not the county? I think our commissioners are doing us a disservice. The meeting for this is in the middle of the afternoon, when everyo…

Thank you to the lady who found my necklace in a Belk dressing room and returned it to a Belk associate on Wednesday. I appreciate your  honesty and wish I knew your name so I can thank you in person. 

So, proud of Lowndes High School teacher Mr. Michael White for putting academic sports first and being on a mission to win the seventh consecutive title regional champions in the Georgia Mock Trial Competition. Good luck at district.

Folks, for the last eight years our groceries, lights, and whatever you paid for were marked up and the main excuse for the mark-ups was the price of gas. Well, gas prices have been down the last couple of months and costs are still up. I am tired of putting money in your pocket, I need some…

Who is responsible for getting the honor listings in for Georgia Christian? Two report card times and people would like to know. Grandparents would like to see their grandkids in the paper. 

My husband and I went to a restaurant to celebrate our first-year wedding anniversary on New Year’s Day. After we were seated, we were joined by our two great-granddaughters, ages 7 and 3 years old. We were waited on by a waitress named Debra. She went above and beyond of what was expected o…

Doctors offices are supposed to keep information confidential. Please don’t put calls/voicemails on speaker so your whole office and patients can hear.

Why won’t the doctors in Valdosta take Obama Care. This is the law of the land. Somebody needs to come and straighten this out. Obama Care is about the best we have.

If the missing Afghan pilots pose no threats, why does Moody search Long Pond? Maybe they are learning to water ski while in South Georgia.

Hats off to all of the choreographers for “The Nutcracker” this year. It was fantastic. The best job I have ever seen. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. 

People talk about “liberals” being PC. “Conservatives” are PC. They have a stroke if a clerk doesn’t say, “Merry Christmas.” I am a Christian, and we have said, “Happy Holidays” also all my life. Keep Christ in Christmas by acting like a Christian and get off the petty stuff!

If the Oregon shooter had killed each person with a baseball bat, Obama would have wanted to put new regulations on who can own a baseball bat and have them register each bat purchase in the U.S.? Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people. Our best be…

How timely is The Valdosta Daily Times point of  review on bullying. How appropriate this article has been written. Hahira Middle School is doing an outstanding  job with this program. Sadly, there is also a need of parents who bully on school campuses and in public areas.

Do yourself a favor. If you have an appointment at a business, don’t walk in and expect them to read your mind. Go to the front desk, counter, etc., and tell them you have an appointment or any other reason you are there. This will make helping you much easier.

In a nation of 330 million-plus people, only 142,000 jobs were created last month. They say employment is only 5 percent. That is crazy. In Valdosta, that means we did not get one job. We need some help here. 

I would like to thank our City Council Lady, Miss Sandra Tooley of District 2, for the good things she is doing. On July 17, she gave a dinner for the city workers for the good work they do. Keep up the good work. We love and appreciate what you are doing for our district. — Evelyn Smith.

I am so out-done with the city. As far as the property taxes goes, this year, my taxes have almost doubled from last year. They have assessed my property at $110,000. If my property could really be sold at $100,000. That is a $30,000 value. Taxes have went up $400-$500 with no improvements. …

Interesting that Lowndes County Schools weren’t in compliance and they get commended, but Valdosta City Schools endures two weeks of bad publicity...What’s wrong with this?

If y’all please turn down your loud audio system down around northeast Lowndes County. Also, please watch where you are speeding at in the community someone going to get hurt or killed one day. Drivers, when driving, put down the cell phone and don’t drive or follow too closely behind the ca…

Excellent job on defining salaries and reporting that to the people. Also you should really look at the lawyers who represent the county and city. They are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars out of our economy and for part-time work supposedly. — Roy Taylor.

The railroad crossing at Perimeter Road and Highway 84 should be repaired. It has been this way for a long time, even though reported. How cheap can you be? It may cause a wreck knocking an auto into the other lane of traffic and knocks autos out of line. Does it take a year or two to repair one?

I am beginning to wonder what The Valdosta Daily Times’ agenda is when you continue to devote so much coverage to a small and disgruntled group in Hahira, some of whom I don’t believe even live in the city limits. They can’t get over the last election which their elitist group lost.

I would like too commend the deputies who helped me and my family. When my vehicle broke down, they went above and beyond. They were very professional and kind and took care of us during the process. Deputy John Mulvaney and Deputy Scott Goodwin the sheriff should be very proud to have these…


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