for Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2004

All I hear out of the defenders of this failed president is attacks on John Kerry and excuses for why he has done such a lousy job. Calling your opponent a liberal does not make a president deserving of a second term. It just means that president has nothing positive to say about his own record. I can think of no reason why this man would deserve a second term. In fact, this country does not deserve to have to endure a second term.

One gentleman recently wrote in that 90 percent of professors are Democrats. So, if one of the most intelligent groups in society is almost all liberal, and you're not, what does that say about you, sir?

What is the deal with solicitors in Valdosta? I do not want to buy your $1,700 sweeper, your two gallons of concentrated cleaner, or your religion! That's what the no-soliciting sign on my door means.

I was trying to find a business in Quitman the other day and Officer Bradford gave me outstanding directions, and was very friendly. Thank you for helping out a grandma in need!

I personally have never encountered those professors who stifle your opinions in class and punish you for having alternative views. Most encourage different viewpoints.

If the city can get in the cable business, why can't they get in the gas business and make all of the gas stations lower the cost of gas?!

Plenty of Christians take a drink and they won't get to heaven any more slowly than the ones who don't.

Actually, the Ten Commandments are the basis for your judicial system today, whether you believe it or not. Also, maybe you should stop taking verses in the Bible out of context. We no longer live under levitical law, which you speak of. We do live under God's wonderful grace, though.

Georgia's Reading Criterion Referenced Competency Test is a scam on parents. As a teacher, I know that several of my students who passed the test cannot read well. A student could pass the test with less than 50 percent of the questions answered correctly. We spent most of our time teaching to this test, not developing the student's mind. Teachers know this and hate it.

To the person who wrote about the intersection lights being long: You can listen to an entire Beatles album while waiting to go north/south at Williams and Park Avenue. Or take a nap and the your light will still be red.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe on Loch Laurel Road that the road was scraped so the water doesn't stand in the road and this need to be done from time to time? Stop being so self-serving and narrow minded. Before you put something down, know what you are talking about.

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