for Monday, July 19, 2004

Go to England and tell them you speak English. They will quickly and curtly tell you that you do not speak English, you speak American. Just because we don't call it what it is doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Our ignorance is not an excuse.

"The Star Spangled Banner" sung at professional ball games should require that the artist performing the song to sing it as written. The performance at the All-Star Game was truly a disgrace to the song.

So Max Cleland is blaming Bush for the military being 'stretched too thin.' Has he forgotten that it was his own party that kept reducing our defense until we barely had a skeletal crew? After they cut the defense to the bone, they want to blame Bush because we don't have enough to do the jobs!

The Democrats frighten me actually. Within the past few days, they've published what they see as weaknesses in homeland security. It's sort of like pointing a big red arrow toward a target, then inviting the terrorists to try here. Bad news for our country is good news for them. Don't you like how they set that up?

A hidden summer treasure is the kid dollar movies at the Stadium 16 theater. What a wonderful way to take younger kids to movies affordably and not have to worry whether someone will be upset if your child gets a little noisy or has to get up to go to the bathroom. My child had a blast this week going to her first movie and the employees were as nice as could be. Thank you so much!

To the person concerned about Sen. Kerry changing his position on voting to send troops to war, he is not alone. Members of the President's own party have said they would have voted differently if the truth had been told, not the pack of lies that have resulted in more than 1,000 U.S. military deaths.

Reading the Rants and Raves in this paper, I've come to realize that the principal persuasive strategy of Bush supporters is to attack John Kerry's personal character, not to debate issues. Their campaign seems to be a never-ending attempt to get voters to focus on what happened in Vietnam 35 years ago, not on what is happening in this country or in Iraq today.

I have quit smoking due to the ban of smoking in certain places. I have taken up chewing Redman Tobacco. Please do not rant when I pull out my spit cup in a restaurant. Never heard of anyone dying of secondhand spit.

George W. Bush is an excellent president. He is strong on protecting our country against terroristic threats, as he captured Saddam Hussein. He is forcing accountability in the schools with the No Child Left Behind Act. He deserves our vote!!

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