for Friday, Oct. 29, 2004

There was a GSP riding on the South side on Hwy. 84, helped an old gentleman who ran out of gas about a quarter of a mile from a service station. He helped him get his car to the station. The old man did not have any money and the GSP gave him $5 and drove. He needs to be recognized.

A big thank you to the gentleman in the white pickup truck who stopped to see if I was OK when I fell whilewalking on the sidewalk on Gornto early Wednesday morning.

I just find it hard to believe that Florida just lets you vote without providing a picture ID. I voted Tuesday and the first thing they asked for was an ID.

I have noticed that some companies, businesses, and industries here in Valdosta over advertise job qualifications in their announcements. They want educated individuals with skill and experience for certain applications that really and truthfully do not need individuals with that much skill or education for the job advertised. In other words some employers here have fine wine taste but beer pocketbooks.

How can the city and Mediacom say everybody will be getting a 14 percent discount? When I called they told me that wasn't available to me because I have HBO. What does that have to do with them discounting the cable service?

I live in another state and every Friday I tune into the Valdosta Wildcat games (on the internet) just to get Lowndes scores. Why doesn't Lowndes have a site for their football games. I was happy that Valdosta and Lowndes played at Valdosta this year because I could actually get the game. Come on, Lowndes, get with the program. The alumni of your school who live out of state want to hear your games. The Cats have a site and so do the Blazers (who I also listen to every week)!

Thanks to Mr. Samuel Clemons at Lowndes Middle School and the Board of Lowndes County Schools for allowing John Chick to present a program at the middle school. Thanks, Mr. Chick, for caring for the children at Lowndes Middle School and thanks Mr. Clemons and the Board for letting him present this program in helping the teens at Parent Night.

Thanks to the Valdosta Police Officers in front of Valdosta Middle School. You should be there everyday. People either ignore the 25 mph school zone, or they slow down a few feet from the entrance and speed back up to 45-50 mph the second they pass the school entrance.

My family recently placed a loved one at the Heritage House Nursing Home. It has been such a relief to know that Ms. Carla and Ms. Doris are her nurses. They have made her stay pleasant for everyone.

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