for Monday, Aug. 2, 2004

To the imbecile who attempted to link John Kerry's youth outreach to a support of child molestation: Sir, you are obviously insane. No one here at VSU gives a moment's thought to the likes of Michael Jackson. He is a relic, a bad joke. But we certainly do think of the harm done to our nation by the current administration. We appreciate the interest that Senator Kerry has shown us, and VSU Democrats will return the favor in November.

To the thief who stole my wife's sunglasses from the Stadium Cinema this past Sunday: We hope you enjoy them. You obviously needed them more than she did. It just reaffirmed my belief that there are nefarious people everywhere, including Valdosta.

I watched the Democratic Convention and laughed. The gang was all there. Slick Willie, Michael Moore and Jerry Springer. What a bunch of great minds gathered together.

Thank you to the council members that amended the smoking ban. Maybe the small businesses can stay in business now.

The only reason to vote Republican is if you love tax breaks for the super rich, welfare for corporations like Enron, and thought control on your liberty.

To this day, the military continues to put young people back on a respectable path. Sure, the military has its warts, but it serves as an excellent model for a society to emulate and right now, our great American society needs all the help it can get.

In the city where taxation history was made as the Boston Tea Party, Bill Clinton leads the Democrats against a party who gave tax cuts America. What a shame!

If a coin toss is good enough to elect a mayor pro tem, it sure should be good enough to elect someone to the Industrial Authority.

Thanks to Marion Jackson at the Department of Transportation for the wonderful job you and your crew did on the washed out ditches in front of my house on 19 South.

Isn't it interesting that the people who are trashing 'Fahrenheit 9/11' have not even seen the movie. Are they afraid to see and hear the truth?

The only reason to vote Republican is if you hate humanity.

I do not mind paying higher taxes if the money will be used in the United States. I am sick and tired of my money being wasted in other countries.

The only thing Michael Moore has done is fooled people into thinking his propaganda film is a documentary. If you think his film is a documentary you are in a dream world.

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