for Monday, June 7, 2004

I drove around quite a bit this weekend and was ashamed to see there wasn't hardly any American flags flying. I have my yard lined with them and have one on my car. Whether you believe in the war or not, you can at least support the men and women. I am proud to be an American and you should, too.

Forget about putting a statue of Rainwater out there. Name the building after him but stop right there. The statue is ridiculous.

It is about time the city got into the cable business. We need a little competition around here. These rates are driving everybody to satellite.

If any person wants to erect a monument to Rainwater, he or she should donate their personal money, not taxpayers' monies. Let the good old boys in local politics use their personal money for this useless monument. Let the people of Valdosta vote on this wasted tax payers dollars."

The city should let the voters of Valdosta decide on the cable business. Using taxpayers' money to go into business is a mistake. This could lead to an increase in property taxes or a need for more SPLOST money for the City Council to waste. This deal was conceived by a few of the elected officials and who knows how much money has already been spent to further this deal and I wonder who will actually benefit from this scheme? A vote is needed for this to go forward."

Based upon what Bill Cosby had to say, Condee Rice, who is a genius, should be president and not some average C student who only showed up for class. The last time I heard the governor of California, he couldn't talk, he seems to be doing just fine."

To all who work so hard to make the Memorial Day service at Sunset Memorial Gardens an awesome tribute to our fallen heroes and to those who are now serving in wars abroad: May God bless all of you that are living veterans and to everyone who made this tribute possible and may God bless America."

I appreciate that some folks want to save our environment and get some exercise by riding their bicycle to work, but please get off the road! I know you have a right to be there, but do you want to be dead right?"

John Kerry and no other person, Democrat or Republican, can fix what this president has screwed up. Lay your politics aside and face reality. He is the biggest joke we have had in 45 years."

Democrats can't win a war? What about World War II? That's the only war we've had any business being in, and I think we won! Clinton at least supported poor people where oil was not an issue."

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