Yes, there are also hardworking adults and families living in Remerton that were here long before all the nightclubs. Hopefully the city council will not rezone us out and bulldoze our houses to make way for more commercial property.

We wanted to rave on the Southern Accent Band. We had the opportunity to hear them play Saturday night, and it's so nice to see what great talent comes out of South Georgia. You guys rocked.

I find myself questioning the validity of some of these business raves. Some read like self promotion and free advertisement instead of customer compliments.

Thank you to whomever addressed the potentially deadly traffic situation on the exit ramp for Exit 18. I no longer fear getting caught behind the buses in the mornings and sitting stopped on I-75.

The Class of 1975 would like to thank the owners and employees of The Tavern for allowing us to have our 30-year reunion at your establishment. We had a wonderful time.

Our troops will always do their duty, but they are risking their lives to fight something that Israel has never been able to tame: terrorism. No matter how much we support our men and women, Iraq will continue to be torn apart by terrorists.

To the bozo that sent the rant that proclaimed "The average person in Valdosta only makes $10 an hour: That's only $19,200 a year before taxes. That comes to $20,800 a year. If you don't believe me get a third grader to do the math for you.

The point is, people join the military because it is what they want to do. The same with police, fire, EMS, you name it. No one should join the Army for the money, benefits, housing allowance or anything like that. No matter what you say, military jobs are government jobs and the pay is only worth it to someone who wants to do it.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped with the Rutland fund raiser at Lake Dogs Saturday. Linda, Sherman, and all of the participants did a wonderful job and raised a great amount to help a well deserving family. Way to come together, Lake Park.

I'm the ranter that wrote about the Army getting less recruits because they don't want to get shot in the head. Yes, I have a 40 hour a week job and have a friend that was killed in Iraq. Do you have a loved one that has been killed for nothing? No? Well then be quiet and let me voice my thoughts.

Once again, a merely observational rant about the Army taken way too seriously. It's funny to see how mad people get when you expose them to the truth. Why else would recruiting be down? They don't want to fight for the war mongering elephant in the White House.

To the lady who is the proud parent of the soldier in Iraq: Maam, I also am proud of your son and also pray for his safe return, and I don't even know him. I pray for all of our men and women. Isn't it a shame that not everyone knows of the positives that our folks are doing over there. A lot of people don't want to know.

Mr. Yarbrough, let me thank you personally for the wonderful articles on your trip to Iraq. They were positive and wonderful to be able to sit and read to know there are some good things going on in that country. We praise God for you and the men and women serving in that country. Thank you so much.

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