Why do so many people get so angry at what some guy said or read about recruiters? These rants have been taken out of context and further, I believe they were purposely taken out of context to have something to complain about and spread negativity. I wouldn't put that past us Americans.

I think some of you should think about what you write before you write it. Calling Valdostans stupid and don't know anything about anything. Did you ever think some people may have been too poor to finish school years ago and had to work to help put food on the table? Not everyone was born into money and got to have a wonderful education.

Our president promised he would get to the bottom of whoever leaked the information about Valerie Plame's status as a CIA operative. Well, now is his chance. One of his top assistants is accused of lying under oath on how he got information about her status. Wouldn't this be a good time to push for more answers?

To my fellow soldiers in Iraq: I'm proud to be serving a country with you... I will be there in June. Nobody made me join this Army. I raised my hand on Sept. 11th of 2004... I'm only 19 years old and I did it so there would be a future for everyone in our country. So if you think there Isn't good coming from this war sit back and look at your kids and know they will be safe because somebody is dying for their freedom! Nobody wants to die but we will gladly take the sacrifice.

As a military retiree I don't have to agree with the war in Iraq to support the troops. That is two separate issues. As for those who claim good is coming out of our presence in Iraq, I guess you could make the same argument about our involvement in Vietnam 40 years ago.

I'm sick of hearing industry complain that there are no educated skilled laborers here in Valdosta. There are plenty of skilled individuals with some further education beyond high school! Maybe industry needs to get off its pocket book and start paying decent wages to attract these individuals and stop hiring flunkies for $6 and $7 an hour that fail drug tests, don't show up for work, and are basically unreliable workers!

To all the Valdosta Wildcat supporters, you all are the 12th player and have contributed to successes and failures of Wildcat Football Traditions and the Winnersville Legacy so during the upcoming playoffs please dig deep into your heart and show the players and coaches the positive, uplifting spirit that has made Valdosta Wildcat Football so great. Don't stop believing.

No, we are not cowards. We just know that we are supposed to be a country and not an empire.

Nov. 8th is election day and our local elections mean more to you than national elections. Please get out and vote. You can do more for the school board and City Council than you think!

I truly love my job in Iraq. I am in the Army and we are helping the children in the community where I am based. We helped build their school, get electricity, water, and sewage system to the school. I haven't seen it on the news, maybe when I get back I will tell my story.

Here's a news story about something good in Iraq. My buddy's sister started a drive in their hometown helping get bookbags and school supplies for the children in our area. That never made the news.

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