The problem in Remerton is that what used to be great historic shopping areas are now being taken over by nightclubs that don't have any respect for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Hats off to Council for putting the annexation debate in the past. Some will still grumble, but now we can move forward with other important issues instead of dragging on the debate.

Although they were not successful in the final vote, I would like to thank the Councilmen who opposed the annexation of the islands.

Thanks, Times, for your suggestion. Today, I am writing down my wish not to be starved to death by a faithless husband.

I'm paying $2.05 for a gallon of gas. The war for oil is going really well.

The City Council just annexed in a bunch of voters who will want to vote them out of office. These guys really don't know their left hand from their right.

It will not be fair for the students annexed into the city schools not to be allowed to continue in the county schools if the other students who live in the city and attend Lowndes are allowed to continue at Lowndes.

As a military wife, it's heartwarming when praise is given to our spouses. It's my turn to thank the men and women that work for our electric companies and their spouses. These people are out there in weather like Saturday night trying to keep our electricity on and wires safe.

The county has a large number of students who live in the city and are illegally going to the county schools. Now you tell students who legally are attending county schools who are being annexed they cannot attend the county schools. We should all be treated equal. If we cannot attend Lowndes then they should not. Can The Valdosta Daily Times publish a list of all the students who live in the city and attend Lowndes? I think you will be shocked.

Thank you to Janet Register at the South Georgia Regional Library for going above and beyond your duty. I really appreciate it.

Private schools don't have metal detectors, police officers, school shootings, and parents getting arrested, because their child was hospitalized. Way to go, private schools.

So, Dick Yarbrough, a member of the media, says the media is arrogant because some college professor wouldn't shake his hand? I think Mr. Yarbrough is arrogant for wasting his column space to settle a personal score.

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