There is a reason the former volunteer fire fighter is bemoaning waste in the fire/rescue budget. Instead of formulating solutions he is complaining. His idea of waste is probably what in reality is progress -- he just doesn't like change.

From a current volunteer firefighter to the former firefighter -- shame on you. Look how far the county fire service has come in the past five years and all you can do is moan and groan and make unfounded allegations? We are all better off without you.

I would like to praise the 11-7 shift at SGMC. They are wonderful.

Talking on your cell phone while ordering in a restaurant or paying at a cash register is rude. The service personnel assisting you deserve your attention.

Len Robbins' grandmother would have been very proud of his column in Sunday's paper. What a beautiful tribute to a fine lady.

In response to the letter that appeared in the Sunday Edition of The Valdosta Daily Times, one can only make oneself look like an idiot by the nature of one's actions. One cannot make others look like idiots.

Thanks to the new clean air ordinance, many Lake Park restaurants, apparently, will experience an increase in patrons from out of town, and Valdosta establishments will build more patios giving a whole new meaning to the term dine out. This is called taking lemons to make lemonade.

To the ranter who said no one in South Georgia knows anything about politics: I happen to have a masters in political science from UGA. What would you like to know?

I totally agree with the writer about rant/rave making South Georgia look like idiots but I get such a kick out of reading some of the ignoramus things people write and think. Keep publishing Rant and Rave, it makes my day. And, I think it proves the point that we need better education, not better football teams.

To the person who is searching for educated opinions in Rant and Rave, I would suggest trying either a fascist or communist society as both expend lots of energy on political education. Every person in America possesses an opinion and a sphincter and use both similarly. It's called liberty, get used to it.

As a political scientist teaching at Valdosta State University, I am offended by the ranter who stated that no one in South Georgia knows anything about politics.

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