I want to send a rave to the two officers who helped move my son’s stranded SUV out of major traffic on Thursday in front of Steak and Shake.

Once they go through the auditions and weed out the good singers from those just trying to get seen on TV, you’ll see that it’s a talent show.

I know there are quite a few public servants who work very hard, but I do not know why judges should get a 25 percent pay raise while teachers and police officers are lucky to get a 3 to 4 percent raise every now and then. It seems the judicial branch wants to be like the politicians and get large pay increases at the expense of others who are just as deserving.

Aspecial thank you to Mrs. Danita Boyd for all your support to all the kids in Valdosta and surrounding counties. Keep up the great work.

Something should be done to make the off ramps at Exit 22 safer. There are always a lot of accidents at this interchange due to numerous blind spots. Can anything be done?

Sen. Kerry once again puts his foot in his mouth. While on foreign soil, he states that America is an “international pariah.” How do the people of Massachusetts keep electing such a buffoon to the U.S. Senate?

Last weekend, Sen. Hillary Clinton made an appearance in Iowa, where she tried to sing the National Anthem. Her voice is akin to the sound of fingernails scraping along a chalk board.

America, if we’re not willing to fight through hard times in Iraq, we better start learning to speak Arabic.

Why would anyone vote for president based on a gun control position? Presidents sign legislation, but the members of Congress we elect send it to them. Just look back at the last two presidents’ State of the Union speeches and count how many of their legislative wishes ever made it to their desk for signing.

Why is it that with about 20 months to go before the presidential election and about 20 candidates running from the major parties, ranters are absolutely devoted to attacking Obama? Why, out of all those candidates, is Obama the target?

You want some kind of alert every time someone gets sick with meningitis or salmonella? If you knew about it, what in the world could you do about it?

How can anyone compare Valdosta to New York City in any context? Apples and oranges. The bottom line is Valdosta/Lowndes County works hard to keep this area clean and beautiful, and most residents are ungrateful for the work being done.

Why can’t Valdosta have an airport like New York City’s? If we can compare our parks, let’s compare our airports. We are obviously as big as NYC. Let’s pump up our airport to accommodate the millions of people that fly in everyday.

Thanks to the man in Lanier County for helping my mother whose car broke down and drove her to town and refused any payment. He just told her to thank the Lord. I just want to thank you.

It is weird when you see people yield or pull over for a police with sirens, but you don’t see it for a fire truck or ambulance. If you see lights flashing, please pull over for a courtesy. It is a ticket if caught.

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