I believe we need to start withdrawing our troops from Iraq and start using our Air Force jets and Navy warships to attack these terrorists. I know the American people and media would never allow this. They are more worried about the damage to the civilian population than our soldiers.

Instead of sending all this money from America to Southeast Asia, how about keeping some of the money here in the U.S. for the hurricane victims, homeless people, military veterans, after school programs and disabled people?

Thank you to all of the Lowndes County deputies at the Lowndes County Courthouse for always being polite and friendly with a smiling face.

Yearly controlled burns actually helps you allergy and asthma sufferers, Its far better to burn every one to two years than let the woods go and have a dry spell and then a wood's fire, that would mean triple the amount of smoke.

I wonder how many of you allergy and asthma sufferers are cigarette smokers also?

Stop complaining about smoke from woods and natural vegetation fires. I do not want to pay extra taxes for the county to come haul my yard debris off when they can be disposed of in the back yard by burning them and then using the ashes in my flower garden.

The American victims in Thailand were not just people who chose to live there. There are also people there that were visiting that are unaccounted for, such as my coworker and his family.

The Woman's Building across from the college has had so many new improvements. It looks better and better.

The Y.E.S. Center is great and while obtaining the grant was open to all students. There were no fees for any students needing the services. Now students who are not eligible for free lunches are charged a fee to attend the after school tutoring programs. This is a financial burden to parents who are already struggling financially.

Would VSU and the city consider a catwalk type cross walk over Patterson? It would allow safe pedestrian and automobile traffic.

Why don't we start the clean up with the candidates that ran for public offices cleaning up there signs? Look at the corner of Savannah Ave. and Boone Dairy Dr. There is plenty of litter there with there names all over it.

Special thanks to my husband Spc. Jason Richardson and his fellow soldiers at the Army National Guard who departed Valdosta to head for Iraq. Be safe and know your in our prayers.

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