What is the big deal about buying alcohol on Sunday in Valdosta? It can't be because of the church because I see a lot of the same people from morning service sitting in a Remerton bar afterwards drinking.

People in this community are sheep. They believe any nonsense the local elected officials pander. When things such as annexation occur they just look the other way instead of looking ahead and seeing the potential problems down the road. No one wanted to stand up and speak against spot annexation when it was happening.

I think the city and county need new government office buildings. Both new buildings should be constructed of glass all the way through so you can see who is doing the backroom dealing.

Has anyone in local government done a projection of how much tax revenue would be lost if Moody closes? How much would you have to raise property taxes to cover your outstanding debts? Can Jim Bob who operates a plastic making machine for $11 an hour afford a 300 percent tax increase on his doublewide?

Thanks so much for fixing the railroad crossing on Fry Street because the old one sure was rough.

My straight A student missed school because of surgery and was hauled into juvenile court where he and I were completely humiliated by the judge. I was told surgery really wasn't an excuse. I was also told to send my child to school even with a high fever.

Our children will be broke because of us, not the Republicans. Children see us use credit cards, like we have no intention of paying them off. This generation buys because they want it, not because they need it, like my generation

For those of you that continue to use this forum to bash the Republicans, why not channel your energy into something more productive? Try to find some ideals or principles that you can stand for, then try to get a candidate elected. You lost.

Congratulations to Nikki Hagatha for being Lanier County's Valentine Ball Queen. What a great job she is doing.

Don't Rant and Rave until you understand the issues. Your personal whims should not drive public policy.

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