About the recent VDT opinion concerning the Hill Ave. overpass: such a blind endorsement is dangerous. The matter is somewhat complicated, as the construction could actually end up hurting surrounding businesses. Valdosta seems often to plan for the short-term. If the city can spend gobs of money on a new sports stadium, why not a more convenient underpass?

I would like to thank the Valdosta Post office for the new carrier that delivers on Patterson Street. He is always prompt and courteous. We look forward to his daily arrival with our mail.

I would like to commend Sheriff Norton of Lanier County for cleaning up Lanier County's drug problem.

Kudos to City and County workers for doing their best to reduce flooding in areas where builders and consumers have insisted on putting homes, in spite of being warned of flooding potential.

I'd like to RAVE about Five Points Toyota. Gene and Milton. Thanks for the deal on the Avalon for my wife - she loves it. The whole experience was good, the salesman knew when to back off and let me make a decision. Five Points, in my opinion, is the King of North Valdosta Road.

Ten Firefighters leaving to go to Iraq is no surprise. I can see why they would leave for $10,000 a month compared to $25,000 a year. Valdosta needs to get better paying jobs!

I would like to say thanks to the staff at the Harvey's on Bemiss. I went shopping with my children last week and what a great experience we had. I am so glad that a grocery store has opened near the many subdivisions near Moody. For those who are thinking about opening a new business, may I suggest you keep this area in mind.

Why did Valdosta get the credit for the race track, when aired on ESPN when Lowndes County fought to keep the track out of Lake Park? How fair does that seem when the track is actually in Cook County.

To the person who doesn't like being called progressive or liberal. If God didn't bless me with the wisdom to see the lunacy of evolution, it would be very easy for me to accept that you evolved from a monkey.

I hate to break it to you, but more people between the ages of 17-34 die from accidents in Georgia in a year than military people dying in Iraq in two years. Its safer in Iraq than in Georgia.

Like the Valdosta firefighters, I too have left Valdosta for greener pastures in Iraq. I was tired of making $35,000 a year. Now I make $15,000 a month tax free. Valdosta needs higher paying jobs.

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