I like the political back and forth rants. We get to hear from the phony left wingers and the phony right wingers. I love reading people judging others over a single rant, true or untrue.

The man who recruited me (a college graduate with a master's degree) told me that he was getting a bonus for recruiting me. Do you think he was lying, too?

It didn't take Bush four days to respond to Katrina either. I do feel sorry for Katrina victims but how can they say they weren't warned? Even I knew she was coming and I don't even have cable TV!

How is it that Iraq once had one of the most powerful armies in the world, particularly the Middle East, yet now they can't even defend themselves from forces within their own country without our help?

I am the wife of a firefighter and while I rarely complain about our community, because compared to my home town of Atlanta we've got it pretty good down here, the lack of respect shown to local law enforcement, EMT's and firefighters disturbs me. I admire the people and their families. These are scary dangerous jobs with a relatively small income and I think they deserve a big thank you.

I want to send a huge rave out to the teachers of West Gordon who have to direct all of the traffic in the mornings and afternoons. Something I'm sure you didn't learn in your Educational Training. Thank you all so much for keeping our kids safe in such a hectic and dangerous environment.

Congratulations to Coach Royce Thomas, his staff and the J.L. Newbern Panthers on their victory against Lowndes Middle. SGAC champions two years straight

Outstanding rave to Forrest Williams and the soldier who was home on leave saying he loves his job. Thank God we still have some young people who care.

To the person who raved about Mexico's President: Where did you get your education from? Or did you get one at all? You're raving about a man who runs one of the poorest nations in the world, a nation that people risk their lives everyday to leave. And by the way, Cancun is Mr. Fox's cash cow, of course he's not going to waste any time getting there.

I read everyday somebody is complaining about the speed and what lane you should be in. But how many of ya'll move over for emergency vehicles when they are coming up behind you or when they have to turn in front of you? Where is the respect for them?

With all due respect, a person is not necessarily a coward who does not want to fight a war they don't believe in. I know plenty of brave people who would gladly die for you or me who do not support something some military people don't even want us to call a war.

I agree about people in the military being heroes, especially when there are other cowards sitting around complaining. However, there are a lot of heroes between the ages of 17 and 35. More of the people at Moody that are over this age have already gotten out and work as civilians. These younger guys are just as great as you.

Do the members of the Industrial Authority realize that there are other types of industry out there instead of distribution centers, trucking companies, boat, bath tub and plastic liner manufacturers? Do we really need any more of these lower end paying industries in here?

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