Thank you for having Sharon Randall in your paper. She is so cool and it is so wholesome to read her columns. It reminds me of Leigh Amiot and how wholesome her columns are.

To the driver of the large car traveling south on Hwy. 41 North Friday November 19 at approximately 1:50 p.m., your absolute lack of common sense passing several vehicles very nearly resulted in a head on collision between your vehicle and mine is deplorable. I sincerely hope you will improve your driving skills before you kill an innocent person or yourself.

Only in America will we outlaw assisted suicide but keep smoking legal.

A light at the corner of Connell Road and Bemiss Road is NOT possible. The distance from the Northside Drive and Bemiss light is too small. Cars would be backed up. I could see it now. Sitting through five changes of the light just to make a right turn.

Thanks to the Brooks County Trojan Football Program. As a graduate of Brooks County High School, I can honestly say that you have brought Trojan Pride back in our community.

Lowndes High Vikings deserve a lot of praise. Keep up the great work and win state this year!

As an avid writer, the essay written by the high school student was incredibly moving and impressively compassionate. Supreme praise to the young man for such dedication and honesty!

I agree you should be able to burn in your southern country lifestyle but subdivisons are not in the country. Learn to live and respect your neighbors or move out into the country.

I sn't there a limit on how many days you can let fire smolder? This place by Exit 13 by the Interstate has about six piles of stuff smoldering. We can't even go out of our house. It has been like this for a week. Isn't there something anybody can do?

Thank you to those who realize that not every business is a 'fast food' business. Some places you will have to wait in line (to pay your bills for example). Use the drop box or mail your payment, just stop whining you have to wait in line for ten minutes. If you don't have time to wait, plan ahead!

Thanks Mediacom for my discount! It's about time the people that pay their bills on time each month get rewarded.

To all you people coming out of the new Super Wal-Mart where there is no traffic's right turn only! Keep that in mind with the busy holiday season coming up.

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