It is slightly ironic that much of the money used for Terri Schiavo's care came from the kind of lawsuit that Jeb Bush and other Republicans are so opposed to.

Congratulations to the Valdosta Mayor-Council. It is very commendable that you stood for what is right and eliminated the illegal islands in the city! If the property owners are unhappy, they can sell and move.

Although Valdosta's known as the football capital, it's good to see some recognition for the great game of soccer.

I am glad to see that Belk has decided to renovate. It is almost impossible to move around the racks of clothes in the junior department. I hope this means that the selection of clothing will be better also.

Pardon me if I don't lose sleep at night worrying about how your child will get into MLB without using steroids. I merely stated that there are many more pressing things going on in this country right now, and that I didn't understand why MLB was such a high priority. Besides, major league sports stopped being about the actual game a long time ago.

Valdosta has achieved metro status, but until the mindset of the citizens change in regard to education and economic empowerment with better jobs, we will never truly be a metropolitan city.

They gave Ashley Smith $70,000 for the arrest of the Nichols guy. What are they going to give the lady he raped and held hostage for that long? She is a victim of crime, what is she going to get?

It's nice to see that four council members have the guts to do what is needed for this city. Give them a rave.

We have more serious issues to deal with than to change the name of a city park. Please march in protest of the segregated schools in Valdosta. We need more diversity in our schools.

The editorial from the Atlanta Constitution about emergency communications (in the Brian Nichols' case) brings a very important matter to the table. What do we do --Valdosta and Lowndes County-- in case of emergency situations requiring our police and emergency agencies to work together? Do we have a plan --will they all switch to the same frequency and work together or will one hand not know what the other is doing?

I'm glad the annexation issue is over with. In a few years everyone can enjoy paying their high water, sewer, and garbage service fees, increased property taxes, etc. There is no doubt some homes will be condemned because they don't meet city code.

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