If I wanted to live in the city of Valdosta, that's where I would have bought a house. The biggest draw for the home I purchased was it was in the county. My son, who has learning issues, has begun to progress and I don't wish to subject him to an unnecessary school change. Leave my home and family alone.

It is a shame that Rose and Head can't stand the thought of Mr. Barber's name being on the park since he left the land to the city for everybody. Why not name it River Street Recreational Area? It would serve the purpose.

Gone forever are the baseball field, community center, basketball, tennis courts, and park of the wonderful little community of Remerton. They were enjoyed by all for so many years. Also gone forever is its poor but honest and hard working citizens. We miss the quiet evenings. All of this in the name of money.

Hey, Mediacom customers, it could be worse...you could have Charter Cable. Stop your whining.

What has happened to the long overdue city/county consolidation? Look at all the time and tax dollars spent right now on emergency plan and election coordination as written up in the paper. What is our city and county waiting on?

The doctors deserve more millions for their vital services for fellow citizens, and I know where it can come from: the salaries of ball players.

Preparation is the key. If you think your children will be sick and need cold medication, stock up now.

Area doctors whine about medical school loans, insurance premiums, office overhead. But they have lifestyles of expensive homes and cars, private schools and exotic vacations. They sue poor people for outrageous fees, refuse self-pay patients, order unnecessary tests and refuse to hire credential office staff who would demand a decent salary. I just can't feel sorry for them.

If you had been willing to spend 12 years of your life in school you could enjoy the things a doctor's salary can provide. Instead you want to sue and get rich quick. So quit complaining, you probably have some tables to wait on.

What the People's Tribunal fails to realize is that splost funds are paying to renovate this park. Furthermore, the park is maintained by all of our tax dollars. So why should only a few get to choose who it is named after. I like the Times idea personally.

Whoever wrote that we will be stupid and broke because of Republicans is wrong. Our children will be stupid and broke because of Republicans.

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