What do you mean the last three years? We were paying for our lockers back in the '80s at Lowndes, paying for student ID's and parking permits and supplying everything we needed except the books. Most of the items needed are lying around your home anyway. Get rid of cell phones, pagers and these names you pay for on clothes and you can afford the school supplies.

Thank you, Valdosta Daily Times, for putting something in the paper about the Georgia Bridgemen. I am tired of hearing them cry out there because Valdosta has been on the front page. Thank you, you are the best paper in the world.

Thank everybody for being there when I had a wreck on Bemiss last Friday night. They helped me with my kids, and thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for your time and patience. May God bless.

Many blessings to the angels who found my purse in a grocery cart on Norman Drive and turned it in. Thank you so very much.

Huge rave to the state and crews that are transforming Inner Perimeter from a rinky dink road into a real highway. By the way, whatever happened to Outer Perimeter Road?

The City of Valdosta goes around writing citations to people for their yards not being cut and cleaned. Who is going to write them a citation for not cutting the ditches and right-of-ways that are not cleaned? Ride down Forrest Street, Hill Avenue and side streets and look at those ditches. They are writing citations and they are not doing their job.

I think The Valdosta Daily Times should be commended for carrying the article by Star Parker. Her articles are a breath of fresh air and should be read by everyone. Hats off to you.

We've got the mayor, the police chief, a city council member, KLVB and other city government officials talking about Valdosta's litter problem and today I see a city worker on a tractor mowing the right-of-way that is already covered with litter. Was a thought given to having this picked up before mowing? These city government folks are talking about the litter problem, all the while creating more.

The new bus schedule is not the way to fix the problem. While the intentions are well meaning, changing the entire school bus system to fix the problems caused by few is not a logical solution. Leave the bus schedule alone and discipline or remove the problem children from the bus. Why should my children and I be so inconvenienced because we choose not to deal with the individuals? Plus this has to be an expensive solution. Is this the reason for the property tax increase?

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