A carpool lane on Ashley and Patterson? Someone has taken the meaning of metropolitan status a bit too seriously. Carpool lanes are for big city interstates, not small town historic districts.

Congrats to ADPI sorority, the 2005 step show champs! You girls worked hard and we love you. Good luck at Greek week!

The school system makes kids tuck in their shirt because they are scared guns will be brought to school. I saw a kid walk out of Hahira Middle School wearing a trench coat. You could hide a tank in that thing.

I read with great alarm that about half of Remerton's total budget is produced from the fines and tickets from its police department. Isn't that against the law?

A big rave to Matthew Corbitt for his letter to the editor. He is not only a responsible smoker when considering my health, but also a respectful human.

A tremendous thank you to Moody AFB personnel for giving the community the opportunity to attend one of the best air shows to date. My wife and I were not only entertained, but also felt real pride in being Americans.

I want to rant about how much the Berrien County juniors are being charged to attend prom this year. Fifty dollars is too much. Parents please contact the school and voice your complaint instead of talking about it in every store, beauty shop, and doctors office in town. Until you do, no one is going to listen to you.

Parents who want to see changes in the Lowndes County School absentee policy, please come to the Lowndes County School Board meeting at 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 12. It will be held at the central office, next to Sam's Club. We can affect change through the proper channels. If they won't listen, we'll vote them out and find new board members who will listen to voters and parents.

How is it that employers in this town want college grads with four year degrees to come work for $7 to $9 an hour yet the starting pay for Lowndes County's full-time firefighter position is $11 an hour and you don't have to have a four year degree for this job!

Teen Explosion would like to rave about the Hahira Community. This community supports their anti tobacco and drugs efforts. The mayor and council issued a proclamation, Dr. Sanchez and the Hahira Middle School supported the Tobacco and Drug Free Rally and basketball game and the Honey Bee Committee donated the T-shirts for the event. That's community support.

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