All of us as consumers should remember those gas stations that jacked prices up the most on Friday and never buy from them again. If they changed prices more than once on Friday, you are dealing with a crook. They took advantage of us.

While driving to Valdosta on Friday, I saw 27 utility trucks driving towards Texas. Would it not make better sense to put them on trains and save gas?

To the person complaining about a county employee not stopping to pick up a limb: They could have been en-route to another, more important, call than a limb. Besides, you could have picked up the limb yourself like the good citizen, I'm sure you are.

If the governor signed a bill to prevent gas gouging, why didn't somebody tell the Lake Park service stations? Gas jumped from $3.99 to $6 in just an hour or two. Something is not right here. These stations should be investigated and fined.

To the ranter about law-enforcement officers accepting discounts being unethical: Do you also think the military men and women fighting for our country are unethical as well for accepting "military" discounts that are not offered to the general public? Want a discount, join the military or you go work with hardened criminals every day. You'd be thankful too.

A city ordinance for parking on the grass in front of your house. A city ordinance for when you can water your lawn. I understand there needs to be some guidelines on what should be done within city limits, but this is getting crazy, spending tax dollars to have city officials debate such nonsense. I'm paying the taxes on my property, so let me park my vehicle where I choose — on my property.

Everytime I took my husband to the emergency room, we were there for hours. The last time I took him, we got there at 10:45 p.m. and did not get home until 7 a.m. You tell me how good of care is that?

I am a senior citizen lady and want to thank a nice young man who paid for an ice cream for me at Wendy’s last Wednesday when I could not find my money. You left the change on top of the box to help other people. I am so grateful for people who care.

Do the PE coaches at Lowndes Middle School realize that they and the school can be held responsible for deliberate injuries inflicted on one student by another student in PE class while they sit on a golf cart oblivious to what’s going on. This is not a new thing. It goes on every year.

A big rave to you blood donors. Your blood flowing through my husband’s veins saved his life.

To all you Lowndes County fans that left early Friday night before Ware County School band put on their show, you missed one nice show. Ware County, you did a fine job.

This is to the ladies that helped put together the reunion for Lowndes Class of ’93: You all did an awesome job.

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